How to Make and Save Money While Traveling the World

Traveling to exotic destinations, getting a fresh perspective on the world, and pushing outside our comfort zone is a dream that might seem unattainable. Not everyone is offered a credit card for emergencies from their parents, nor do they want to wait for years to save enough money to hit the road for an extended backpacking trip. The solution is relatively simple: earn money while you travel. Check out how to make and save money while traveling the world. 


Teaching English while traveling in Asia has long been a rite of passage for many intrepid travelers. TEFL jobs are prevalent in places like Vietnam, Thailand, and China; however, an increasing number of people are starting to garner clients online before ever stepping onto a plane. This means that you could get some experience and references before you travel and hopefully warrant a higher salary while on the road.

Voice Acting

If you speak more than one language, you could multiply your earning potential from anywhere with an internet connection. YouTube channels, course creators, and media houses often look for a specific regional dialect such as UK English or Canadian English, so consider making a profile on Upwork or the like and waiting for the jobs to roll in.


The type of work available for freelance writers is incredibly varied, from travel blogs to review guides to exotic literature. Websites such as Freelancer or Upwork post thousands of jobs each month for fully remote writing gigs. Initially, you may have to do some jobs well below your pay grade to gain a few positive reviews, but you’ll be offered more lucrative positions over time. 

Freelance writing is best if you intend to travel with a laptop or iPad and keyboard. You can find exclusive discount codes for new electronics to take on the road which will ensure you can also stay in touch with friends and family. The best part is that you can work as little or as much as your travel budget requires since you are paid per article.

Couch Surfing

Traveling is about discovering new places and new cultures, and what better way to experience this than by being welcomed into someone’s home. For years before Airbnb was developed, couch surfing was a phenomenon in which strangers welcome strangers into their homes for the express purpose of sharing stories and fostering kindness and respect. 


The essence of volunteering isn’t to make money, but you can keep traveling for longer by saving money. Numerous organizations offer volunteering opportunities in exchange for meals and accommodation. Sites such as WorldPackers are explicitly built for this purpose. However, please keep in mind that tourist destinations have significantly suffered from a loss of business during the pandemic. As a result, not all are in the position to offer what they once were able to. 

WYSE Travel Confederation is a world leader in the youth and student travel market and often analyzes market trends for this sector. In 2017, their research noted that for backpackers traveling for three months or longer, only 10% of backpackers’ trips were covered by working on the go. Since then, remote and hybrid working options have become the norm, so one could speculate that being a digital nomad and traveling will become easier and more accessible.


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