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Coupontoaster.co.uk Privacy Policy

Herein is the privacy policy of Coupontoaster.co.uk (hereby referred to as “We” or “Us”) we are committed to protect the data of our users and we respect your privacy. This policy is legally binding and we urge you to please read this information properly as it reflects our commitment to protect our users.

In this privacy policy, we will state the following:

  • The data we collect
  • How this data is collected?
  • How this personal data is used?
  • How is the data shared?

We will also discuss your rights in regards to the protection and retention of your data.

About our privacy policy

The data mentioned herein describes how we collect your data and how we use it. Coupontoaster.co.uk is registered in the United Kingdom.

What Data do we collect?

We collect our users personal data in order to be able to identify the user using their information, the data that we collect includes the following:

  • Name
  • Residential address
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • We will retain the information regarding the products you purchase from us
  • Device tracking information such as GPRS location and IP address
  • Credit/debit card information so you do not have to enter the information over and over again when making purchases.
  • We also retain information regarding your visit to our website, how you interact when you visit our website the products you view, what you search for etc.
  • We also use cookies, webtools and other technologies to retain information regarding your shopping habits.

The purpose of retaining this information is to make your experience on our website better.

Our site is not for those under the age of 18, even though we do have deals for children’s service and products for children we intend that these services are availed by parents. Furthermore, we do not require any data which is considered sensitive, such as ethnicity, religious belief etc. will not be retained by us.

How is your information collected?

  1. Directly from you

We collect your information directly from you when you register with us, this information includes: your name, email address, residential address, phone number and other website registration details such as password. This information is voluntarily provided to us by you. If you do not provide us this information you will not be able to enjoy our services to the fullest. Non registered members can enjoy our services, but to a limited extent.

Other sources

Data may be collected from merchants who advertise with us such as retailers who want to share their promo codes on our website. We are in close proximity with third parties such as retailers and business partners. We may provide them information so they can advertise relevant products to you and they may also share your information with us.

We also retain some information from public database such as your credit history provider.


Our website uses cookies in order to recognize our users, when you visit our site. The sole purpose of these cookies is to help us provide you a personalized experience on our website and enhance your visit to us. These cookies will identify the items you place in the basket, your credit card information so you do not have to enter it in again. You can go to your browser settings and turn off cookies if you do not want us to receive such information, however refraining the cookie setting will result in not being able to enjoy our services to the fullest. Furthermore, cookies also help us to provide you customized advertisements based on your shopping behavior.

We are able to collect some information automatically through your browser and device, your IP address is also collected this allows us to recognize the user when logged in to our site.

The Security measures we take

All the personal information that a user provides Coupontoaster.co.uk is protected by a password protected tool. We advise you not to disclose your password to anyone, anyone claiming to be our support representative will never ask you for your login details. If you ever receive a message or phone call from a representative of Quid Code asking for your login information, we do not recommend that you disclose this information. Please remember to always sign out of the website when your session has finished otherwise your session will not expire automatically.

Please note that data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network cannot be guaranteed to be perfectly secured. As a result, while we try to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk.

Do we share your information?

Quid Code reserves the right to share information if we believe that it is the requirement of the situation or a necessity to do so in order to identify you, in order to contact you or bring legal action against a person who be liable of infringement or may cause loss or injury the property of another or someone else website could be harmed from their activities.

Furthermore, we have the right to share this information without providing you prior notice in case of legislative matter or judicial notice. It is a legal requirement that we disclose this information and also a sign of good faith. If our privacy policy is subject to change or being transferred, acquired by someone else we will inform you beforehand. We will inform you be email or a notice on our website.

We have made our privacy policy according to GDPR and request all our users to thoroughly read and understand the information herein. We comply with the legislation as much as possible, however if any of the information included in this document is unclear or ambiguous please do not hesitate to contact us and ask. We will be pleased to help you and provide you the information that you require.

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