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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought work and family life under the same roof. Millions are still battling the coronavirus infection, while many have lost their lives and livelihood. 

While no one can say we have passed the tough times or there is a chance of a seasonal wave, one thing is sure, life will not stop at this and we have to fight this out in some or the other way.  

So, what’s holding you back from booking your post-lockdown vacation? Is it your phobia of flying? No need to worry, there are numerous online courses designed and taught by veterans pilots. These courses educate people on the proven techniques to conquer their fear of flying. 

As, the infection and mortality rates have gone down around the globe, spanning from Asia to Europe. People can expect things to get better than before.  So, here in this post, we’ve rounded up the top three destinations that will help you reset and restart your life.


With 93% of the territory occupied by the mountain ranges, it is not wrong to say that Tajikistan is a country that resides in the lap of nature. The stark, surreal, and rugged natural beauty creates a sense of calm and resilience that everyone needs in such a difficult and stressful time.

Apart from marvellous mountains, high-grade fruits and vegetables, and breathtaking landscapes, the heart and soul of this country are its people & their warm hospitality. It is something you won’t experience in New York, Paris, or any other popular urban tourist destinations. 

The people here are quite friendly. They love to talk about their rich culture and traditions. There is a lot of regional variety in terms of traditional artwork and handicrafts. 


Situated in the heart of the South Pacific, Fiji is a hidden gem when it comes to some of the great vacation destinations worldwide. Fiji is apt for beach-lovers; you can relish the crystal clear water that promotes the feeling of calmness & peace. 

The rich indigenous culture here is still active, and the majority follow it as a part of their everyday life. Fiji’s culture has evolved with the influence of Indians, Chinese, and European to a certain extent. 

The culture is warm and people are welcoming towards the travelers from all parts of the world. And, it is something, we all need. Yes, social distancing is essential, but there must not be any distancing in building genuine human connections. 

The local customs are heart-warming, especially the welcome they give will certainly fill your heart with love for the people of Fiji. Go anywhere, and you’ll be serenaded by friendly waves, warm smiles, and the Island’s soothing music. 


If you are looking for a life-changing experience, then Bhutan is a must-visit destination. 

Unlike the hustles & bustles of many popular tourist destinations, you get the real feeling of happiness, peace, and calmness in Bhutan. Do you know the Bhutanese people, are the 8th world happiest people in the world? Bhutan’s lack of modern distraction and spiritual focus is like hitting the restart button to life. 

They are known as the eco-warriors, and they follow various customs & traditions like respecting trees to save the planet. Bhutan is the only nation where the carbon index is negative. Bhutan’s forests are rich in flora & fauna and home to many rare animal species across the globe. 

Bhutan has banned the use of plastics and tobacco. While you won’t have McDonald’s here, but you’ll love the local cuisine, which is fresh and pure.

So, it’s not the time to rethink, pack your bags, and set on a journey to restart your life without sacrificing your health and safety. 


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