who drives a rolls royce

Rolls-Royce deserves a professional driver. And it does not matter who is behind the wheel at the moment: the owner of this car or a hired chauffeur. Everyone may try it on his or her own. Moreover, not only the owner but also the entire Rolls-Royce management is interested in the skill and accuracy of its driver. How else could it be, since the reputation of the brand is put at stake with each sold auto unit?

Rolls-Royce cares not only about profits, but also about the reputation of the brand, taking care that behind the wheel of their cars sat professionals.

Given all this, it is not surprising that back in 1910, the company Rolls-Royce opened the first demonstration room for drivers, and after a couple of years, there was a specialized school for those who were to drive Rolls-Royce cars. And, as befits such an extraordinary brand, the format of training was unusual. For example, after the First World War, the school, located in a suburb of Derby, was based in a private hotel, where there was a large area for parking cars and rooms for the accommodation of the drivers during their training. In 1924 the school, for the convenience of customers, was moved to the Ewell area of Surrey County.

The pride of the Rolls-Royce Driver’s School was the classrooms, separately equipped for Silver Ghost, New Phantom, and 20 HP models. Each of the classes featured not only information on these models, but also the material, including the engines. The two-week course cost £12, including meals and lodging. Future drivers of luxury cars lived in beautiful rooms, in the dining room of the school they were served delicious meals, prepared by an experienced chef. Such a school was a peculiar mix of the elected circle and democracy, since not only owners of Rolls-Royce cars and their families, but also hired drivers were accepted to the school. 

Rolls-Royce classes began at 8:30 a.m. and lasted until 5:15 p.m. In addition to direct lessons on driving, the school paid much attention to the study as a complete set of cars, and principles of functioning of their assemblies and units. And, of course, driving etiquette was taught. By the way, have you noticed how the hired Rolls-Royce drivers behave in English movies? They are polite, efficient, but without the slightest sign of subservience. Why? Because they are professionals of the highest caliber, not lacking in self-respect. At the end of the course, students took written and oral examinations, and their employers were sent a detailed report on the training. In addition, there were field instructors who visited drivers after they had completed their training and evaluated their skills. If the driver over a period of time coped decently with his duties, he received a bonus of 10 pounds sterling, which in those days was equivalent to the average monthly salary.

The school went through several moves mid-century before finally settling in Crewe at the Rolls-Royce factory in 1983. Of course, in keeping with modern demands, teaching methods and the programs themselves have changed.

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So who taught at this academy? 

Here’s one of them: Renny Burnside. Not only does Renny have extensive experience as a teacher and instructor, but he is also a recognized automotive expert. In addition, he holds the highest category “A” license issued by the Association of Racing Schools of Great Britain. Rennie Burnside has worked as an instructor at famous UK racecourses such as Silverstone and Brands Hatch and has given driving lessons on ice tracks in Sweden. Today the ageless Renny is an accredited examiner for British Motorsport Federation racing licenses.


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