Luxury car rental Dubai

Finally, you are in the pearl of the Middle East, in Dubai. You feel how the luxurious lifestyle that permeates even the air here attracts you into its embrace. There’s no sense in resisting him. To meet the level of local standards, you should travel only by luxury car.

On the way from the airport to the hotel, sitting in the salon of the dream car, you can stop by for shopping in the Dubai Mall, enjoy the sunset at the marina. If you decide to stay in Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, then you just need the appropriate car. The city is full of historical sights and traditional shops. The Gold market is a vivid example of this. The Jumeirah Mosque is also a must-visit for seekers of Arab traditions and customs. The combination of classical and modern architectural styles will not leave you indifferent.

On you can easily choose a car in the desired range of prices, technical characteristics and conclude a rent agreement for the time you need. The simple rental conditions significantly accelerate the process of concluding a rent, which allows the rental service of Evolve to be among the leading rental companies in Dubai.

Classification of categories of top-end rental cars:

  • Luxury cars. More refined and functional than economy class cars. They have functions such as heated seats and satellite navigation. Smooth ride and safety at the highest level.
  • Exotic cars. These are, of course, auto monsters that break the framework of the usual.
  • Supercars. The most expensive cars with the highest design and power. Bright representatives of this class can be found among representatives of brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren
  • Sports cars. Cars with high aerodynamics, fast acceleration, and the highest maneuverability. Audi, BMW, Porsche are engaged in the production of this class.

Goals achieved when renting top-end cars:

  • Tourism. Quickly and with the comfort of the highest level, you can visit the sights of Dubai and its surroundings.
  • Relax. The fast way from the beach to the hotel and back in a few seconds – it’s easy!
  • Business. Impressing a business partner can be very important when concluding an important transaction.
  • Transport. A comfortable way from the airport to the hotel and back.
  • To rent a car, you must be over 21 years old, as well as provide a passport, driver’s license, and visa.

Client’s responsibilities during car rental:

  • Make sure that the fuel tank remains full. It is necessary to preserve the durability of the engine.
  • Do not exceed the mileage limit. If it is exceeded at the end of the rent, you will have to pay. Or, if you expect to exceed it, it is better to choose a flexible tariff right away.
  • Know the local traffic laws.
  • Issue a Salik toll card. There are 8 gates in Dubai, at the intersection of which road tolls are charged.
  • Pay a fine for parking and violation of traffic rules yourself.
  • It can be smart to purchase good auto insurance for your rental car to keep you protected when your travels

Advantages of renting a car in Dubai:

  • Saving time. Your rented car can be delivered to any place convenient for you, and after the end of the rent, it will be picked up from anywhere in Dubai.
  • Rich selection – more than 1000 cars to choose from budget cars to supercars.
  • All cars are fairly new, no older than three years.
  • Fast contract signing process 
  • You can rent a car even during Ramadan.
  • Any customer will be satisfied with our service.
  • Travel around Dubai and the UAE, enjoying the speed and comfort of an exquisite car!


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