If you are active in the SEO industry you may be familiar with the term “private blog network” aka PBN. Many SEO agents use a whole range of different blogs or sites to rank the sites they target with the use of PBNs. 

The PBN term has gained some negative connotation through poor SEO practices also called black hat SEO. However, in this article you will learn how to use several blogs or a network of blogs the legal and right way for effective SEO, also called white hat SEO, provided by SEO experts at ClickDo Ltd. 

Feel free to share the following best PBN hosting and management insights with anyone looking to gain an advantage in ranking their target sites high on search engines. Let’s see who can win the SERP #1 race. 

  1. Managing PBNs is NOT difficult 

Handling several blogs sounds like a lot of work. I will not deny that it is not a piece of cake. But with the right tools and services, it is not that hard.

Trying to manage all your websites manually will most certainly lead to failure. This is no exaggeration.  

However, with a PBN Management software and an optimized control panel like the SeekaHost PBN Hosting Control Panel, which is specifically designed for multiple IP blog network hosting, you should be on the right track. 

In one interface you can host and manage your domains on Class A, B, and C IP addresses without any footprints. You can test it with the 7-day free trial to see if you are satisfied with it.

  1. Search Engines respond well to high-quality PBNs

In the past search engines like Google would deindex PBNs that would not meet their guidelines. This caused PBNs to be labelled as black hat SEO. 

What is important to understand is that Google and other search engines hate automated link building elements, link cloaking and spamming. 

PBNs that offer resourceful and read worthy content are usually ranking well on search engines. Their algorithms and filters will not penalise sites with a high level of informative and good quality text that do not seem interconnected for SEO purposes. 

The following two positive user metrics are a good indicator that the sites in question are healthy: Readers like the content on these sites, stay for longer periods on the sites (low bounce rate) and keep coming back for more information. 

So, avoid using an automated link building mechanism and focus on good content and a human touch. 

Here are some examples of high-quality blogs to give you an idea, which are built with the most widely used CMS WordPress and hosted within the SeekaHost App via the WordPress Hosting plans for the best SEO results:

  1. Follow the best PBN Strategies 

The best SEO strategies will be a waste of time, if you do not use them the right way, especially with PBNs. It is impossible to provide one PBN SEO recipe that can be applied to all blogs in a network. The SEO strategies depend on the targets and websites involved. 

However, one main factor is key: useful and relevant link building and content should be used on all your blogs. 

You can join Facebook groups where experts share their advice, like the PBN Demystified group, to learn more and to also share your expertise. 

  1. Footprint-free Hosting makes a Difference

Hosting your private blogs with PBN Hosting will provide all of them with individual IP addresses. This means that there are no footprints, and your blogs won’t be linked to each other as their different IP addresses indicate to bots that they belong to different owners. 

Some people go as far as never accessing different websites in their PBNs from the same IP address, but with the right web hosting nobody will have to go to this extent. All that matters is that you ensure your blogs are authentic and do not publish duplicate content with random links in it. 

Give each of your blogs an individual identity and brand with unique logos and contact details. And most of all, provide every reader with value. 

  1. Put in the hard work for SEO Success

Building a (successful) PBN can take up to 6 months and anyone claiming results in 30 days is probably applying some dodgy techniques. In general, to build and rank a blog high on search engines for several keywords will take up to 12 months or more. 

Your keywords, niche, type of content, domain, and several other factors influence how much time it would take you to see positive SEO results with your PBNs and they will require ongoing maintenance. Updated content is key to keep them relevant. 

Understand your own audience, timeline and follow your own path as the above tips and you should be good to go.

Start Now

Now you know where to start. You have the key to ranking high and making money with several blogs or websites in your hand. Use the key to unlock the door to SEO success today and let PBN sites give you what you want.


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