Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains might just be the way forwards for you if you’re seeking an effective strategy to make your home warmer during the winter while also lowering your energy expenditures. They are different from other curtains because they are constructed of a heavier & thicker fabric, or have an insulated lining/layer. 

Thermal curtains have a foam backing that keeps cold air from walking into a room while simultaneously trapping sound waves, making them an excellent solution to reduce noise from outside.

Benefits Of Thermal Curtains

  • Energy-efficient thermal curtains are created for two primary purposes: to provide seclusion and block unwanted light entering the space. Curtains were once thought a luxury item that could only be afforded by royal families. However, as the industries progressed, manufacturers discovered new techniques to make curtains that are both affordable and accessible to the general public. 
  • People buy them for the sake of providing colors and décor a room when needed. The thermal curtain is a modern offshoot of these home classics.
  • Insulated curtains are another name for thermal curtains. Cotton, rayon, or a mixture of fabrics is used to make these curtains. They contain a foam thermal backing, which allows them to move and distinguishes them from standard drapery products. These curtains work similarly to a thermos in your home, keeping warm/cold items warm/cold.
  • Energy-efficient thermal curtains will prevent the warmth in the room from leaving, so you may set it down or set it off entirely to save money on your energy costs. In addition, they block out the sun in warm temperatures, which can significantly raise the temperature of a space. This reduces the amount of energy used by air conditioners and lowers your electricity bills.
  • These multipurpose curtains may appear to be more costly than their traditional equivalents. They are, nevertheless, relatively inexpensive, and in many instances, seem to be the same price as or less expensive than standard draperies. 
  • Furthermore, thermal curtains can limit or filter the sunlight from outside in your home, as well as noises, creating a peaceful environment. To ensure a good rest for everybody, several people choose to place them in their bedrooms or a baby’s nursery.

What Is the Best Way to Install Thermal Curtains?

The best thermal curtains must be appropriately positioned to get the desired results or enjoy their benefits. Thermal curtains should be fitted relatively close to the windowpane, with the top, corners, and bottom sealed. Keeping them near the window frame can limit energy loss by up to 19%. Being heavy & thick helps these curtains to fall perfectly. 

Attach the best thermal curtain with Velcro, tapes, or hooks to a frame or adjacent walls for optimum impact. The center of the curtain must have a lot of overlap. Warm air cannot infiltrate gaps and escape via the window as a result of this. Use two layers of curtains to improve the thermal efficiency of the dead-air region. Controlling sunlight & air by using layers is also possible.

Keep the curtains open during the day to use the sun’s heat, especially on windows on the southern and western sides of a structure, during the winter. The moist development from sweat or vapours in the air mainly on the window is also reduced by opening or removing drapes.

Curtains Should Be Picked With Care

Don’t confuse thermal curtains, which are created to fit warmth on cold days, with temperature or solar window shades, which keep the excess energy out on warm days, while shopping for curtains to increase your primary house energy consumption.

Difference between blackout and thermal curtains.

Blackout curtains are created to block out light, while thermal curtains are designed to keep a space warm or cool. Thermal curtains are formed by three layers of mass-produced, in most cases using 100 percent cotton, polyester, and wool, and the backside of the curtains is covered with polyurethane foam to prevent UV rays. 

Blackout curtains are manufactured from a softer triple weave fabric that is arranged to obstruct light. In contrast, Thermal curtains are manufactured from three layers fabrics entirely, in most cases using 100% cotton, synthetic fibers, or wool. The back of the curtains is encased with polyurethane foam to protect them from UV rays. Temperature regulation is a benefit of blackout curtains, although it is not their primary role.

From where to buy Blackout & Thermal Curtains?

We’ve rounded up two of the widely shopped online curtain stores for you. Everything from design to plain curtains, thermal curtains, blackout liners or panels, and sheer coverings is available. Ensure that the curtains you purchase are compatible with the poles or rod you already have. Eyelet curtains are great for modern rooms, while pleats are lovely for more classic preferences. Whether you are looking for eyelet or pencil pleat curtains, plain or patterned, regular or thermal, our top picks are Imperial Rooms and Oxford Homeware.

Imperial Rooms

Imperial Rooms is a great place to go if you’re looking for inexpensive curtains. Their selection is both contemporary & traditional, there are a variety of styles available, including sheers, thermal curtains, blackout drapes, and much more. With many discounts and bargains available at the store, it’s a good idea to hold off on purchasing the curtains you’ve had your eye on in order to get a better deal.

Most of those styles they carry are exclusive, therefore you won’t be found almost all your favorites at others’ stores or at your neighbor’s, so purchasing here could result in a pair of drapes that’ll have your visitors wondering where you bought them. If you haven’t visited the store or site in a while, you will be pleasantly delighted.

Oxford Homeware

Oxford Homeware is known for their low rates and speedy delivery, and they have a wide selection of window coverings to choose from, including everything from lightweight sheer panels to heavy and thick thermal and blackout curtains. 

You can choose drapes with large flowers, geometric designs, or glistening decorations to make a statement. Create an account for Oxford Homeware’s coupons if you’re a smart shopper. They could be used in or digitally to help you save money on your shopping.


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