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Window shades are an often overlooked area of home décor, whilst they have the ability to completely change the look of a room, most people don’t think to replace their window shades when decorating the home.

So, to remind you of the importance of a good set of window blinds, we’ve spoken to the window shades experts at which is one of the UK’s premier made to measure window shades retailers to help inspire you to update your window shades, by giving you a few good reasons why you should update your home’s window shades.

Cut Down On Heating Bills With Thermal Blinds

One of the more compelling reasons to upgrade your home’s window shades this year is insulation! With energy and heating bills increasing rapidly over the past few months, it has never been more important to ensure that your home is properly insulated, especially around windows where cold air may leak in from outside.

By simply upgrading your old window shades for a set of insulating thermal window blinds, you can improve the insulation of your home’s windows and improve your home’s thermal retention, which will allow you to use your heating less often and still have a warm home during the cold months.

Get A Better Night’s Sleep With Blackout Shades

If you struggle to sleep at night due to outside light pollution, then you should probably upgrade the window shades in your bedroom. If your bedroom’s window shades are made out of voile, screen or dimout material, they will let light pollution from outside pour into your bedroom at night, which will disrupt your sleep.

So, just by swapping your current blinds out for a set of blackout blinds can greatly improve your sleep. The blackout material will help stop light pollution from pouring into your bedroom at night, creating an environment more suited to getting a good night’s sleep.

Cat Proof Your Window Shades For Your Furry Friends

If you have a pet cat, you’ve probably noticed their tendency to climb up and claw at your curtains, so unless you’re going for a ‘distressed’ look in your home, you need to invest in a set of window blinds that can survive the wrath of your furry friends!

According to DotcomBlinds, the best blinds for cat owners are Wooden Venetian Blinds as the wooden slats are heavy enough to avoid your cat getting in-between them, solid enough to stop your cat from bending them and the wood is hardy enough that not even the most determined scratcher could cause any real damage to them

Ensure That Your Window Blinds Are Child-Safe

There’s another group of little creatures that can cause chaos with your window shades and that is children. Young children experience the world in a lot of ways, but one of those ways is grabbing, so weak window shades can be a danger to have around children, who could pull the shades down onto themselves. 

Another danger of blinds in a home with children is the chain that operates the blinds, while chains are usually at a handy height for us adults to grab easily, they’re around about head-height for most children so chocking is a danger. To avoid choking hazards, you should ensure your blind is installed with the child safety clip to keep the chain safe, or use a window shade like an electric blind which does not have a chain.


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