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Desc: If you need to constantly stay online for your business needs, here are some of the most amazing smartphones you should try for the best experience.

Best Smartphones for Business 2019
Almost every person today relies on smartphones to stay connected with family and friends and informed about current events in their lives. However, checking our emails seems like the only time we make use of our smartphones for work.

The smartphone technology has advanced to the point where you can get a notable amount of work done with your thumbs. You can now access work documents, translate different languages and signs, and take professional photos. If you opt for being more productive on your way to work or during any commute, check out the below-mentioned smartphones perfect for running a business.

iPhone Xs
Apple?s iPhone Xs is not simply a bigger version of iPhone 8, yet it?s worth being on the pricier side. Packed with 512 GB of storage, Gigabit-class LTE, and an intelligence A12 bionic chip with a neural engine, the iPhone Xs delivers up to 15% faster performance core, 50% lower power usage, and 50% faster graphics performance. In short, it is one of the most powerful and fastest smartphones yet.

iPhone Xs also comes with an astonishing camera. You can make 4K videos with 60 frames per second as well as take professional-grade photos with deeper and larger pixels and classy portrait mode.

Google Pixel 2XL
Though Google may haven?t been able to catch up on a social network, it has definitely built a fine phone. This remarkable smartphone is powered by Google Assistant, you can set reminders, listen to your texts and commands, use Bluetooth, and activate Google Lens which can identify objects, landmarks, and even scan business cards to add contact information automatically into your smartphone.

The Google Pixel 2XL, probably has been the smartest phone ever, for now, features an incredibly efficient and powerful with storage options of 64 or 128 GB. You?ll also get up to seven hours of battery life with just charging for 15 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S9+
Might be the best smartphone for business security and travel, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is powered by Bixby Vision. It comes with a camera that can translate about 54 languages on menus and signs to help you easily navigate foreign countries when travelling. Its smart camera also comes with an intelligent scan, combining face recognition and iris scanning so you can unlock your phone in any light, even if wearing sunglasses.

It offers two storage options; 64 GB and 128 GB.
OnePlus 6

With their own operating system, Oxygen OS, the OnePlus 6 will help you get more work done efficiently in less time. This flagship smartphone, whether you are browsing, working, or navigating through apps, can optimize your experience. OnePlus 6 comes in 128 GB and 256 GB storage options.


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Telecommunications Discount Codes, Voucher Codes and Deals

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