When people sign up to an online casino, the lure of spinning the reels is hard to resist. You’ve gone through all the registration details, transferred some money into your e-wallet and you’re ready to play, attempting to win some serious cash – check out Barbados Bingo Review.

So why would you play the demos first? After all, aren’t you in it for the big winnings? 

What are demo slots?

Firstly, let’s establish just what it is we’re talking about. If you’ve never really navigated around an online casino, it can be initially overwhelming.

Demo slots are found on online casino sites and you can play them free of charge. They’re there for acting as a taster for people who wish to test a game or without committing money first. They’re essentially a useful introductory step to online gambling, all before the very real commitment of depositing money into your e-wallet and playing for real.

An advantage of demo slots is that they rarely require any registration process to play and there’s no obligation to sign up and spend money on them afterwards.

However, you won’t win any real money on them. All winnings will be subject to wagering requirements and you won’t be able to withdraw funds either. The money will be in credit form, and you’ll only be able to spend it at that casino site.

The positives of playing demo slots

Playing demo slots are an excellent way to get really good at slots. Despite what you may read, these days slots games are far more nuanced than one-dimensional games of luck. Bonus rounds require skill, and reading the game as well as the machine is fundamental.

By practicing on demo slots, and therefore getting really good at them, you’ll be much better equipped to play when the time comes to spin the reels using your own money.

Putting in the hours

People mistakenly think that slot games are all the same. In reality, very few slot games are. Different games come with their own unique bonuses and features.

If you’ve put the hours in playing online demos, the world, or at least the slot game, is your oyster. You will know exactly what to do at each stage of the game, making the most of all the bonus rounds, and upping your odds of picking up the jackpot when it’s time to play for real.

Make sure that you don’t just sign up, deposit cash and start playing without ever really knowing what you’re doing.


In life, people are always looking for freebies and bargains. Why should online slots be any different? Everyone loves those taster markets where you can try all manner of different cheeses or meats (or even wines and beers if you’re lucky). Demos are the iGaming equivalent.

You play them and decide which games suit you, and whether you’re comfortable betting your money.

What’s more, if you get really good at them, you’ve much more chance of scooping a prize when you start betting for real.


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