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Visa Program for US Immigrants Aiming a Startup?A Detail by Paul Haarman

According to Paul Haarman, The United States is one country that has never-ending opportunities for people who have a unique idea and want to launch their startups. Investors and entrepreneurs aiming to launch a startup or a new business must sort out their options as it is not easy to do the same. Many top investors often choose the EB-5 immigration program that allows foreigners to obtain a green card. However, there is a condition according to which the minimum investment value has to be $900000. 

Choosing the EB-5 program is not everyone’s cup of tea an especially for new entrepreneurs or investors looking to establish themselves through their startup. So, what are the suitable options for them to immigrate to the United States? Well, two well-known options can work very well, namely, L-1 and E-2 visa programs. Contemplated as the most suitable option, these visa programs don’t require anyone to invest too much to immigrate to America. Both the immigration mentioned earlier programs have their benefits, and one must go through both these programs to choose an ideal option between the two. 

What Are the Two Best US Immigration Programs for People Aiming a Startup? 

Following are the two immigration programs available:

  • L-1 Visa Program 

The L-1 Visa program is only available to the business executives or managers that have served a different company for a minimum tenure of one year outside of America. This is the first qualification criteria to immigrate to the United States to run a new startup or manage an existing business. 

Some other qualifications that would improve the chances of qualifying for the visa program are that the business executive seeking the immigrant visa has more than one year has at least five employees working under them and that the executive should be a regular taxpayer. The L-1 immigration program provides a visa to valid applicants for seven years from the date of issue. 

E-2 Visa Program

The E-2 Visa program is an ideal option for anyone with a proper business plan, and their country and the United States hold an investment treaty. Unlike the L-1 program, the E-2 program doesn’t seek any past existence of a business executive but is only interested in the business or investment plan the business executive presents. This immigrant program provides a working visa for five years with a chance for an extension.  

  • International Entrepreneur Program

This immigration program is a special one as one can only qualify for this one if Homeland Security decides to temporarily grant an authorized stay in the United States. This program is suitable for investors and entrepreneurs who have an excellent track record in the past and have a business plan that proves out to be of benefit to the public. The duration of an immigration visa is not fixed and depends upon every case individually. 

The business executives that are successful in obtaining any of the above visas can bring their family too if they don’t have any past criminal records. Also, one can apply for a green card after arriving in the United States. Paul Haarman says that the approval of the application for these immigration programs is given easily if the business plan is an innovative one, the business plan invests a lot of money or if the business provides employment opportunities. 


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