Clothing Is A Pullover

Sweaters, jumpers, jerseys, sweatshirts, and pullovers. So many terms to describe similar garments most of us have in our closets. 

Today we want to talk about pullovers, or more precisely – sweatshirt pullovers – that have become one of the absolute must-haves for everyone.

The rise of athleisure and street fashion has made these pullover jumpers a staple beloved not only for lounging but for work and leisure too! That’s why we firmly believe every guy should have at least one in their closet! 

So, what type of clothing is a pullover? 

What is a pullover 

A pullover sweatshirt is a long-sleeved garment similar to a hoodie (only without the hood!).

It’s usually made from cotton, polyester, and various stretchy blends that make the garment comfortable. The thickness of a pullover may vary, so you can find both heavy pullovers and lightweight ones. Check out and their stylish, lightweight, comfortable, and affordable hoodies!

A pullover has a crewneck collar and generally has no buttons or zippers, making it a pretty minimalistic piece. A pullover can also have graphic elements, logos, or embroidery. 

Jumper history

From their first days over a hundred years ago, sweatshirts were usually worn as sportswear or outdoor, workwear. Their boom began when the Champion brand developed a process for sewing thicker materials, making them leaders in the field.

Sweatshirt jumpers soon became popular in the general population too, and their rise happened in the American universities that used this garment to showcase their logos and names. Interestingly, universities use sweatshirts as their branded garments to this day.

Sweatshirts spread from the universities to all households and even the rap and hip hop music scene, where they gained notoriety. While a hooded jumper became the symbol of hip hop or street fashion, regular sweatshirts were just as popular.

How and when to wear a jumper?

The beauty of a jumper is that it’s very versatile and can be worn with so many outfits and looks. It gives you both warmth and style, and you can create endless combinations, especially if you choose classic monochrome colors like black, navy, or grey.

A jumper is a truly casual and smart staple everyone should have in their closets. Here are some ideas and suggestions of when and how to wear them.

When it’s chilly

Winter or summer, chilly weather is no joke. A jumper is perfect for those days and nights when you need some extra warmth. For the summer, opt for a lighter fabric that will block the wind and that you can wear tied around your neck or waist once you take it off. 

For work and smart-casual occasions

A jumper in simple colors like grey, dark blue, or black is ideal for comfort and style at work or wearing under a blazer for dinner with the inlaws.

Simply pair your fitted jumper with your chinos or dark denim trousers, add loafers or leather sneakers, and you’ve got both comfort and style covered!

Always opt for a high-quality and fitted style for all smart-casual occasions. 

For casual, leisure, lounge 

While a pullover works great for smart-casual looks, it really shines in a casual capacity providing you a put-together yet relaxed look. 

Whether you want to copy some classic street-fashion styles by pairing your pullover with baggy jeans or joggers and a bomber jacket or prefer classic jeans and a leather or denim jacket, you can trust the jumper to do the work. 

Layer your jumper on top of your favorite tee and pair it with cargo shorts for the ultimate summer leisure look.


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