Web design seems to be a critical parameter for your business profile on Instagram. It is no secret that Instagram has proved beyond doubt that it is a versatile and powerful marketing platform for boosting your organization’s overall online presence and enhancing brand image online. However, it is a daunting and challenging affair to generate a responsive, interactive, and intuitive web design. Web designing necessitates a tremendous amount of dedication and attention to detail. You need to follow the set rules and regulations.

Everyone should learn from the mistakes they make. As such, mistakes are supposed to be good learning experiences. Mistakes can guide you along the right path. You can learn many lessons from your web design mistakes. If you have a website that fails to be responsive, intuitive, and navigable, it could adversely affect your image on Instagram. 

Instagram Website Designing Mistakes

Website designing without considering development and functionality issues could be a huge mistake. If you get this point right, your website is bound to be not just aesthetically appealing but functional too. 

A functional and intuitive website implies that:

  • It can achieve a ranking in search and drive visitors to your site.
  • You can effortlessly go about editing and adding pages and managing your website even after launching it.
  • It facilitates seamless data processing and functionality across diverse platforms.
  • Your site is flexible and mobile-friendly.

Creating Complex Designs

Design is very much affected by trends, and minimalism is in vogue currently. Even so, there is a more technical reason for you to avoid more busy designs- the majority of users are tuning in from mobile devices with much smaller screens. Complicated logos and designs don’t tend to be appreciated, as much as, clear, easily recognizable, distinctive visuals. A lot of influencers-turned-brand marketers follow this approach and have seen immense success too. 

A great example is Kylie Jenner, whose cosmetics business operated almost entirely through social media for the longest time and is now worth more than a billion dollars. Their posts tend to be simple yet iconic, rather than opting for intricate, complicated designs. Feats of design work are not necessarily the best choice for marketing- the sooner you understand this, the more likely you will be to succeed in your social marketing campaigns. Web design startups may buy real Instagram likes to boost their follower count because they are newbies on Instagram.

Slow, Bloated Web Pages

A website that is poorly designed and chock-full of pictures and auto-playing videos will likely take a very long time to load completely. It is a very irritating experience for web visitors and is not taken too kindly at all. Despite internet connections getting significantly faster over the last few years, the average loading time for websites is, in fact, also up by a significant margin. 

Making a website that is not optimized for speed and responsiveness across a variety of devices and internet connections is a critical, business-ending mistake. Slow websites are penalized by search engines, and users also tend to bounce off if the page hasn’t loaded at least partially within 3 seconds of their arrival on it. Whether you eliminate unnecessary media elements or hire experts to look into the design and optimization of your site, performance must be your number one priority at all times.

Using Wrong Image Resolutions and Sizes

Often you are enticed with the idea of loading your website with a host of eye-catching pictures. However, you need to exercise caution as large media files and pictures could retard the loading speed of your site. You may make it a point to run your website through online tests such as PageSpeed Insights Test on Google. Do not make the mistake of using too big or wrong-sized images. According to the Search Engine Journal, if you think that the image you have chosen is too big for your website, you may consider compressing them or resizing them before uploading them again on your website.

The perfect size for some of the key design features such as avatars, headers, etc. seems to differ across diverse social media platforms. In fact, within a single platform, there exist diverse size guidelines for diverse experiences. Moreover, there can be a spectrum of resolution requirements not only for pictures but also for graphics. It would be a grave mistake if you get any of this wrong.

You may realize that this process cannot have a shortcut to success. You will have to focus your attention on determining the optimal resolutions and sizes for a specific social medium platform. You may then consider developing different versions of your creative for catering to those requirements. 


There could be many more frequently made web design mistakes that could hurt your Instagram following. You should clarify the nature of mistakes and understand the precise buyer persona before taking the ultimate plunge. You should keep in mind that highly intuitive and navigable website designs are the need of the hour. You may indulge in meticulous planning if you wish to create highly intuitive and responsive web designs.              


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