traveling stresses

Some people feel overwhelmed by tension, and worry and even experience elevated blood pressure levels when they have a trip coming up. These feelings are often triggered by the extreme stress that sometimes comes with planning a trip, the fear of being outside familiar territory, fear of flying, or fear of road trips. 

Some others may worry about getting robbed especially if they’ve been robbed while traveling in the past. They may also feel nervous about experiencing racism, getting stranded, and running out of money while on the trip, among others. The good news is that there are ways one can keep stress at a minimum while traveling. They include:

  1. Practice Relaxation Techniques

There are several relaxation techniques one could learn to help them loosen up before and during a trip. Some of these activities can be carried out while flying in an aircraft or traveling in a train or car. For instance, breathing and meditation techniques can help you keep calm during your trip.

Before your trip, you could also visit a spa and try to loosen up and relax. Ways to relax in a spa include reading a book, getting a massage, taking up yoga, or getting a relaxing facial such as a biologique recherche hyperbaric facial. Getting a good facial can do a lot to relax your neck, scalp, and facial muscles, and always leaves you feeling stress-free and rejuvenated before a trip.

  1. Find Ways to Distract Yourself During the Trip

Distracting yourself during a trip is one sure way to get your mind away from any issues stressing you out. Some great ways to distract yourself include listening to music, playing games online, watching movies, or reading a book. Being buried in an activity you enjoy can distract you from the stress associated with travel. If you suffer from anxiety disorders, an extreme fear of flying, or claustrophobia, you could consider seeing a therapist before your trip so that they recommend medication that would ease your symptoms.

  1. Don’t take Trips You Can’t Afford

Money is a top reason why many people spend a lot of time worrying while traveling so you can avoid this by postponing your trip until you have enough money to spare for your travel.

You could find out exactly how much your trip would cost and then create a monthly or weekly savings plan to help you budget for your trip. Also, take your time to compare prices so that you’ll make the most of your travel money. Check for cheap flights, discounted bus passes, and affordable accommodations. If money is tight during your trip, try not to make any unplanned expenses so that you do not find yourself stranded as that could increase your worrying.

  1. Plan Ahead

Failure to plan for your trip could lead to stressful situations such as missed flights or expired passports. It’s important to organize your trip in a notebook or your phone planner. Make a checklist in your planner and include items such as renewing your passports or getting your passports if necessary, getting a visa if needed, booking your flights, accommodations, tours, and getting your medical prescriptions.

Writing down everything you have to do before your trip will help eliminate the constant feeling that you’re forgetting something. Sufficient planning will eliminate stress and produce a more positive travel experience. 

However, a lot of people just are not natural planners, and trying to plan their vacations may increase their stress levels. In such cases, one can pay for the services of a certified travel agent. These agents are knowledgeable about everything travel-related and can help you with everything from booking a flight to planning out the entire itinerary. Planning a trip doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy some impulse activities on your trip. As long as you’re not exceeding your budget, you can always figure out some extra fun activities to do while you’re already on your trip. What matters is that you plan the major bits of your trip.

  1. Identify your Stressors and Avoid Them

What aspects of travel do you find stressful? Address them so that you can avoid experiencing them while traveling. If flying gets you nervous, you could look up statistics on air travel fatalities and you’ll be calmed at the minimal number of fatalities experienced annually in air travel as compared with other forms of travel. If you hate queues and missed flights, plan to get to the airport ahead of time, if you’re traveling with kids and you’re worried about them going hungry during layovers, pack a lot of snacks. Taking care of these stressors in advance will help you stay calm for the duration of your trip.


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