financial Concepts in the Complex Plane

People who are students of economics & finance must meet the complex numbers in different ways. Usually, they will encounter them at the time of studying the stability of the difference equations, which is used mostly in business cycle analysis. In this article, you will learn that the complex plan can be used for a new purpose for providing the novel & visual representation for the two vital financial measures. In mathematics, the complex numbers refer to the combination of real and imaginary numbers so that it might be difficult to calculate. Simple, make the use of an online complex number calculator to perform the basic arithmetic operations on the imaginary number.

What are Complex Numbers?

In mathematics, the complex number is said to be a number, which is expressed in the form of a + bi. Here the a & b variable is considered to be the real numbers and “i” is a symbol known as imaginary units, which satisfy the equation i2. The reason for this is that no real number can satisfy this type of equation. For the complex number a + bi, a is known as the real part and be is the imaginary part of the equation. The set of the complex numbers is denoted by the “C”. Because of the complex nature these numbers can not be easily calculated, you can make use of a complex solutions calculator to make calculations easier for the complex values.

Historical Background of the complex Numbers:

Despite the historical nomenclature “imaginary” complex numbers are regarded as “real” as the real numbers in mathematical science. These numbers are also known to be the fundamental for many aspects of science description of the natural world. If it seems complicated to you after reading this, then don’t worry. You can use the complex number calculator that allows the user to perform the basic mathematics operation for simplifying the given complex expressions. 

Some Foundations:

According to the different references of math text on the subject shows that any of the nth degree of the polynomial along with the coefficients will have the “n” roots and it could be either real or occur in complex & conjugate pairs. The fact is that the result for the complex numbers has an imaginary dimension, which means the interpretation of the financial context is not obvious. When it comes to algebraic expressions, then it becomes more difficult to calculate these numbers because of the algebraic rules. But the good news is that you can consider using the imaginary numbers calculator to add, subtract, multiply, and divide the imaginary numbers.

Visualization of the Complex Numbers:

The complex number “z” can be identified with the ordered pair of the real number and in the result, they may be interpreted as the coordinates of the points in a two-dimensional space. It is said to be the most immediate space in the “Euclidean plane” along with the suitable coordinates. Usually, people fail to solve complex numbers because of a lack of knowledge about the complex numbers, so they face lots of issues during the calculations. For those people, who are not good in calculation, can try the complex number calculator that can add and subtract each pair of the given components separately.


In this guidepost, we have provided you with information regarding the financial concept in the complex plane. Applications of the complex values usually used in mathematics and science. Here we review some basic information regarding the complex numbers. We talk about its calculation, then we can’t ignore its complexities. But we can make the procedure of finding the complex numbers by using the complex number calculator.


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