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Small business owners and sole proprietors face daily challenges in growing their companies. And the last thing they think about is mail forwarding. Perhaps the only thing they’ll be interested in is how much does it cost to redirect mail.

It turns out that companies that do not have their own dedicated office space use a virtual office, as it does not cause unnecessary worries and is quite affordable. This makes sense because after studying statistics, we find that more than 60% of individual entrepreneurs work at home, at the kitchen table.

And even with this scenario, you are constantly on the move. The last thing you want to slow you down is mail. You wonder if an important document was delivered while traveling – that’s a headache you can’t afford. So a mail forwarding service can help you keep your mail with you.

Why is there a mail forwarding service?

At its most basic level, a mail forwarding address is a service that forwards mail addressed to one place to another one. For individuals with virtual offices or those who must process several letters from various branches, this is quite practical.

The majority of the time, post offices and other suppliers of business services like virtual offices and virtual PO Boxes offer this service. Prior to recently, forwarding services were only sometimes used. But now, businesses are seeking to utilize agents more and more to manage their mail. It is significantly more time-efficient and convenient. Time is the most important resource, as you are aware. Additionally, these services might help you save money on both a personal and professional level! For that purpose, utilizing a mail forwarding address through a virtual PO box constantly nowadays has several benefits. You’ll get a mail forwarding address and more with the virtual PO box!

Using a virtual PO box as a mail forwarding address

A business address with digital mail management services is referred to as a virtual PO box. It provides easy and hassle-free mail management for your company. Most virtual desktop providers, including Hoxton Mix, include a virtual PO box. This ground-breaking solution might make handling postal mail as simple as handling email! You may learn more about the following extra services here:

  • Receive and scan mail to a digital messaging platform;
  • Mail management and forwarding;
  • Destruction of unwanted emails.

There are several advantages for your business, in addition to giving you a real mail forwarding address and the other services mentioned.

How much does it cost to redirect mail with Hoxton Mix?

Considering the rather extensive list of possibilities, you may think that mail forwarding can be quite an expensive service, but it is not quite so. First of all, both virtual office and mail forwarding services were created with accessibility in mind, even for freelancers. For example, Hoxton Mix services can be classified precisely in the affordable category, since their price, for the same set of features, can safely compete with most providers on the market.

For example, the Virtual Office Forward service, which includes all the necessary options for receiving and forwarding mail, costs only about $30 (£25). At the same time, other services can offer you services that will include the same options but are relatively more expensive, up to $45. So, the $35-price is a good bargain for the listed functions and not only:

  • A top-notch postcode and a beautiful office building;
  • No post handling fees;
  • Legal address for correspondence with HMRC;
  • Get all of your business letters;
  • Email notifications for each post.

What measurable business benefits do you get?

This choice has a number of advantages for both businesses and people. In any event, choosing this choice will protect your personal information as well as the brand’s reputation and proper operation.

Set the official address of the company’s head office

A virtual box, as opposed to a PO box, which merely provides a postal delivery address, can serve as the registered office for a business, independent of its legal structure. So, when the firm is established, the administration may be given this address. Similarly, it is acceptable for an address to be listed on a business’s contracts and invoices. Such an address will be your main tool in correspondence with officials or government organizations. Especially if you decide to expand your business to other countries.

Separate your home address from your work address

For an entrepreneur or company manager, keeping work and personal life separate is essential. If not, difficulties may result. It is greatly advantageous to split your home address from your work address since this approach enables you to receive mail anywhere you decide. In particular for independent contractors who frequently launch their firms from their homes, this is crucial for effective business administration.

In addition, it only improves your security. Agree that few people want to advertise their home address and parse a lot of work letters in their kitchen. Thus, mail separation is the right solution.

Improving the company’s image

An address or a virtual PO box might be chosen before a brand’s reputation. Some business people like prominent towns or cities, since you may use a PO Box address as your headquarters. This address can convey a specific impression of the business to clients and partners and must appear on administrative papers (invoices, letters, contracts, etc.). Since certain addresses enhance the building’s corporate image, it may even be a serious way to attract new clients or partners. 

In the eyes of many customers, a company with an office in London, for example, will be more reliable and such customers will trust your brand. In this way, you will be able to build recognition for your business and, by doing the best for your customers, grow your business.

Thus, a virtual PO box will help you manage your business processes in remote offices more efficiently. This tool is indispensable in the modern world, where remote work and virtual offices are gaining more and more popularity. Don’t waste time if you decide you need a virtual mailing address and contact service providers like the Hoxton Mix to find out how much does it cost to redirect mail.


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