Active play is important in child development and affects coordination, strength, and even healthy activity patterns later in life. But, as many parents and caregivers know, the most active play is outdoors, or at least in the backyard. Trampolines are a great way for kids to get outdoors and have fun. 

If you ever played on a trampoline as a child, you will remember the joy of flying. Kids today also love to jump, but some may need a little more precise guidance to start the fun. Games and competitions can entertain children and adults.

These 8 fun trampoline games you can play with your kids.

Bum Wars 

No trampoline game is as classic as Bum Wars. The premise here is that the last person standing wins! You need a minimum of two players, but you can play with more. Each player jumps a few times to warm up, and once they agree, they fall on their buttocks before jumping and landing in their original position. Each player can only jump up once on their butt and once on their feet. If you Double it, then you’re out. The weight difference makes the game more challenging when played by adults and children.
So don’t miss out on this fun game. If you don’t have a trampoline, then you can buy a trampoline online.

Crack the egg

This classic trampoline game is among the most popular with kids of all ages. It begins with a child sitting on a trampoline, raising their knees to their chest and then wrapping their arms around their legs. This child is an egg.

Eggs try to squeeze their arms and legs while the other children jump around to free their hands. The person who can pose for the longest time without breaking the egg is the winner.

Strike a Pose 

Jump as high as you can to the song and have them do funny poses in the air. The fun trampoline tricks kids can create are endless. Unfortunately, this game also usually has no winners. 

This can go on for a long time, and it’s always fun to see what the kids come up with.


Dodgeball on a trampoline is a fun way to add some fun to this classic game and is great for older kids. Jumping higher on a trampoline is more fun! Mark the centerline with chalk or masking tape. Divide the players into two teams and have the other team throw the softball. 

If it hits the ball under the neck, then you are out. However, if the ball is caught or slips, the game continues. The team that loses all players first loses.


This classic game starts with the first child jumping and posing, and then the next child takes the first pose and adds their poses after that.

The next player takes the first two poses and then adds them back. The game continues until you can memorize all the poses.

Dance Battle 

This game will be great fun for kids who love to dance to music. Play some fun music and give each child 15 seconds to jump dance, and crouch to the music, and the Best Dance Win.

Or have the children create a dance or program together for the whole family to perform.

Do not wake the baby

A player lies on a trampoline with his hand over his eyes and pretends to sleep. All other players get off the trampoline. Then, one by one, players sneak up on the kid and try to tag him. 

If they succeed, the child must guess who marked it without looking. If they guess correctly, the tagger will be the next baby.


Place the hoop next to the trampoline and watch the kids score and have fun shooting while jumping on the trampoline. The first one to score 10 goals or the first to score 3 goals in the air, wins. You can add many more challenges to this game. 


With a little creativity, parents and kids can come up with endless outdoor trampoline games. By regularly introducing new activities, you will be able to motivate your children to be engaged in fun activities.


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