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Ever since the first VR game was launched, we all knew that it was the future of the gaming industry. Even though the world had to wait until the 2010s for the equipment to become available to mass audiences at affordable prices, it was totally worth the wait. 

And now, VR games are bigger, better, and more beautiful than ever before. In 2021, we had many new and fun releases that gaming fans were eager to try out. So, we have made a list of the best VR releases so 2021, so far. We have several months left to go until the end of the year, so it’s too early to proclaim who takes the crown for 2021. But, in the meantime, you are welcome to give the titles below a try whenever you like. 


Mare is one of the most beautiful VR games that has been released in a while. In the game, you play the role of a mechanic bird that follows a small girl in order to guide her to the right path. The little girl needs to find her way through castle ruins and avoid the shadow-like enemies. Perhaps, this game can’t be qualified as one of the best games for its depth and complex gameplay, but it makes up by having astonishing graphics and atmosphere. Most players want to enjoy a VR game due to the visual effect that a game has. And Mare will leave you breathless with incredible vistas and extraordinary sound effects. 

VR Games Launched in 2021

VR Roulette

When it comes to VR casino games, there are already so many fun titles to choose from that all those players who are always on the lookout for the best online casino in UK can have hours of entertainment with VR equipment. Just like all safe casinos with a no deposit bonus UK that only work with first-class developers and feature only the best games, these VR casino titles come from top-notch software providers on the market. VR Roulette has been greatly improved over time. Now the players can step right into the game and have the feeling of a real live casino. So for those gamblers who like to play online casinos, this game is a must. 

Hitman 3

If you are eager to learn how to play online games on VR that are filled with action, this is a good title to start with.  However, this version of Hitman is best played with two-handed motion controls. Even though it can be demanding at some points during gameplay, Hitman 3 will also reward you with thrilling missions and amazing views. The player will soon get used to the same tricks that the character uses in the game, like making noises to lure in targets so that Hitman could deal with them. What we like the most about Hitman 3 VR version is that there are many sequences that you will just walk through the game (mostly undercover), which indeed, will make you feel like Agent 47. 

The Climb 2

After a long time of anticipation, the sequel of the Climb has arrived, and the fans are all but disappointed. The latest version of the game offers new walls to climbs and heights to conquer in imaginative ways, which is what we have all been waiting for. What we like the most about this game is the simplicity of the gameplay that seems to be even more alluring than games with far more complex gameplay. The Climb can be compared to Portal in the sense that once you begin you just can’t stop playing it. Once the gameplay starts you can only see the two hands of your character because that is the only thing that you will need in this game. The rest is up to you to figure out, how to safely reach the goal without falling down. 

Floor Plan 2

If you like Sesame Street, then you will love Floor Plan. The main idea behind this original title is that your character goes from one floor of the building to the other, solving puzzles. Each floor is its own reality, and the challenges inside it can seem impossible to solve, but we promise you, they are not. However, if you are used to puzzles of normal difficulty then you should probably skip it. Floor Plan 2 seems to be made for committed puzzle fans who are ready to face even the most impossible mysteries. The gameplay is filled with funny situations that will make every player laugh.


So, there they are. The top 5 VR games for 2021 so far. However, we are eager to see what awaits us in the months to come and if the gaming developers have another eye candy that we can play on our VR. At least we know one thing for sure, and that is that the VR industry keeps getting better and that the future of gaming looks promising. 

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