Sagging roof lining cause

A sagging roof lining can be a real headache for car owners. There are multiple causes of sagging headliners, but the primary cause is the heat from the roof of cars. 

When you park your vehicle for a long duration in the sun, the scorching heat from the roof begins to melt the glue under the roof lining. The melting of glue causes it to weaken and the roof liner fabric starts sagging from various spots on the car ceiling. 

A sagging roof lining can cause multiple problems for car owners, and it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. This post shares various types of problems caused by a sagging roof lining and some effective ways to repair it quickly. 

Problems with sagging roof lining

Spoils the interior aesthetics.

A sagging headliner can spoil the interior aesthetics of your car. As a car owner, you will not feel good sitting in your car if the roof lining is sagging, especially when you sit on the backseat of your car. The sagging spots are usually visible from the backseat and not from the driving seat. Whatever the location of the sagging spots, they never look good in your car.

Risk of falling roof liner.

As the adhesive under the fabric becomes weak when the roof liner starts sagging, it can fall anytime on the people sitting in the car. If the roof liner falls on the driver, it can lead to an accident by hampering the visibility of the driver. Therefore, a sagging headliner poses a serious risk for the driver as well as the passengers.

Depreciate the value of your car.

Sagging headliners can depreciate the value of a car by thousands of dollars than its actual value. So if you are planning to sell your car with a sagging headliner, you may not get the expected value. Therefore, it becomes essential for car owners to fix the sagging headliner as soon as possible.

Tips to repair a sagging roof lining.

Glue the fabric.

If the fabric of a car headliner is sagging or peeling off the edges, you can easily fix it with fabric glue. A special adhesive for attaching the headliner to the car is available at car accessory stores. It is best to buy glue that comes in a spray can.

Hold the fabric with one hand and use the other hand to spray the glue on the underside of the fabric. Then put it back in its place and gently press down with your palms. The gluing method only makes sense if the fabric is loosened at the corners or edges.

Use sequin pins

It is possible to glue the headliner to the corners and sides without removing it. However, if the roof lining is sagging from areas other than the corners and edges, the glue will be difficult to use.

If the fabric falls out in several places, it’s best to remove it completely from the bottom frame and replace it with a new length of fabric. However, if you want a quick fix, you can fix it with pins available at any stationery store.

Twisted pins

If the roof fabric on your car’s roof is breaking in several places, you can use twisted pins to secure it in place. It is a better alternative to standard pegs because they are rounded and allow the fabric to be securely attached to the roof covering. They last longer on the fabric than standard pins.

Paint roller and steam cleaner

The headliner sagging is caused by a weakening of the adhesive that secures it to the board under it. You can protect weak glue under the fabric with a steam cleaner and paint roller.

First, use the steam cleaner to melt the glue and then the paint roller to press the fabric firmly onto the panel and allow it to adhere to the panel. The method works well on rough edges. However, if the fabric is left loose for a long time, the steam may not be able to melt the hardened glue. 

In these situations, it is better to bring in a professional to remove the headliner and replace it with a new one; like make use of a truck spray booth in order to do it faster and better.

Double-sided tape

Double-sided tape is available from stores that sell stationery. However, this method is only useful for taking out the headliner from the corners and edges. Hold the fabric in place with one hand and put a few cut pieces of double tape on the underside of the fabric. Now press the fabric firmly so that the tape sticks to the board under the fabric.

Make sure you don’t develop wrinkles or creases when you put the fabric back. The glue on the tape is strong enough to hold the fabric in place for months. However, the method is temporary and not recommended in the long run. You can use double-sided tape to hold the headliner in place for a few days. After that, you should call in a professional to have your headliner fixed permanently.

Replace the entire headliner.

If the fabric is worn out in several places for a long time, we do not recommend repairing it using the above methods. You will need to replace the headliner with a new one and remove the existing roof lining from the car.

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Final Words

These were some ways to perform a sagging roof lining repair. However, these methods offer a temporary solution for your car. If you want to have this repaired permanently, you will need to seek out a professional service, especially if you choose to replace the headliner. Following the advice in this article can help car owners repair their car headliner and prevent it from sagging again. 


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