Increase Space in a Small Bedroom

Are you running out of ideas on how to maximize the space in your small bedroom? Here is a rundown of tips that will allow you to enjoy more storage without making your room feel too cramped.

Install some floating shelves

If your books take a lot of space in your bedroom, install some floating shelves. Floating shelves occupy wall space, unlike a huge free-standing bookshelf. So, it allows you to save some room for other items like a nightstand, dresser, table, and more.

Build a fitted wardrobe

As its name suggests, fitted wardrobes are made to measure. They are highly customisable, so you use even the awkward nooks within a room. Aside from that, they are ideal for small bedrooms as they provide a cleaner look than free-standing wardrobes. Installing them in your bedroom can also add value to your home.

Place a trunk at the end of your bed

Put either an old-fashioned trunk or storage bench at the end of your bed. It is a traditional way to maximize bedroom space as you can use it to store linens and other items you don’t frequently use. Unlike other storage options, a trunk or storage bench is more space-saving. You can also sit on it when wearing your shoes or getting dressed.

Organize your dresser

Drawers and folding dividers will allow you to store more clothes inside your dresser. You can also maximise the space in your dresser by folding and storing your clothing properly. Also, try vacuum packing your clothes that are out of season. Mainly, winter clothes are too bulky, so it makes sense if you use this kind of method to store them away.

Hide things under the bed space

Another smart tip to maximise the space in a small bedroom is to use the space under your bed. You can either have a customised storage bed that fits your space or raise the bed you currently have and place some storage containers under it. 

Use double purpose furniture

Instead of a table, using a waist-level storage cabinet will allow you to save some space for other furniture. You may also install a floating drawer or a shelf.

Reassess what belongs in the bedroom

Of course, you should store your clothes in your closet. But, you might want to consider keeping your off-season clothes you won’t need for several months in a space outside of your bedroom. For instance, you can hide them under the sofa or in a storage unit in your living room. If you have an under the stairs storage, better hide them there.

Use the back of the door

It’s also good to keep some of your things behind the door. You can find some organisers that are easy to install at home improvement stores. These organisers vary in design, depending on the items you can place in them. What most homeowners do is create back-of-the-door storage for hanging jackets or coats. You won’t need to worry about it looking cluttered, especially if you leave the door open most of the time. 


Ultimately, there are many ways to maximize the space in your small bedroom. As they say, “less is more,” so minimizing your bedroom furniture and fixtures is best.


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