Favourite Gym Routines

Today here, will be discussing about some popular gym equipment staples & most effective Favourite Gym Routines with you. We will today discuss and give you overview about:

Super Strong Fitness; a UK based Fitness and Gym Equipment supplier has recently opened a new customer Showroom in Hillington, Glasgow.  This allows local clients to visit and view the wide range of high quality Gym solutions for both the commercial and personal fitness market.

Below we outline their most popular Gym Equipment products of 2020/21. From Home Gym Starter Kits to professional Barbells, Super Strong Fitness has an attractive and versatile range of premium and affordable products to suit all fitness levels and tastes.

We also explore customer’s favourite routines and why these versatile tools are at the core of a successful and rewarding fitness strategy.

Popular Gym Staples of 2020/21

1) Proud Hex Dumbbells

The hexagonal structure and ergonomic grip add additional comfort to these smartly designed and rust-free dumbbells.  Available in all sizes ranging from 2.5kg to 30kg this bit of kit is the perfect staple for Strength Training, Functional Fitness and general workouts alike. Dumbbells are an inexpensive option that still gives you the opportunity to do intensive training properly in every area.   It’s an ideal solution for both beginners and professionals alike.

2) Super Strong Bumper Plates

The versatility of Bumper Plates is without question, you can do all the different types of lifting- weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding. The benefits of bumpers over other types of plates like traditional cast iron plates are the dramatic reduction in noise levels as well as protecting your flooring when dropped.  Constructed from 100% recycled rubber, the SSF Bumper Plates are highly robust, ergonomic and simple to assemble. The sleek and simple design is made to last, is easy to maintain and has an excellent shock absorption impact.  Available as a set or in singles, these bumpers are the ideal addition to Home Gym set-ups or commercial facilities.

3) Proud Quad-Grip Weight Plates

Renowned for their ergonomic grip and unique shape, the Quad-Grip weight plates allow workout sessions to flow without the concern of rolling or dropping. Formulated with odourless rubber, they are super robust, rust-free and available in all weight variants.

4) Proud Olympic Cross Competition Bar

This bar is manufactured to the highest standard using spring steel, a steel that flexes with your body movements during your workout. This is not just a steel rod, this is an excellent bit of kit precision engineered to perfection. The exceptional barbell is designed for use by competitors,  is highly durable and specially designed to endure repeated dropping with a load. The 20kg barbell has a length of 220 cm. The grip is 131 cm allowing free movement of the hand over the neck. The maximum load is a whopping 680kg.

5) Home Gym Starter Kit

  • A fantastic 8 piece Home Gym Starter kit for beginners or to add new staples to your studio.  Consists of:-
  • 4 x 10mm SuperStrong Gym mats
  • 100kg Set SuperStrong bumper plates
  • Proud Olympic Cross Competition Bar
  • Proud Squat Stand
  • Proud Flat Utility Bench
  • Proud collars

Favourite Fitness Routines

Everybody has a favourite way to work out. Whether it’s a particular movement, training technique, or using the most efficient exercise, it’s normal to find a favourite fitness routine and stick with it. Furthermore, having the correct Gym staples to support your goals is key.  

Below Super Strong Fitness customers give us insight into what techniques inspire them to reach their personal fitness goals and keep their motivation levels high.

“Compared to my chest, back and shoulders, my arms are a lagging body part, so that extra day gives them a bit more frequency and volume. On Wednesdays and Sundays, I will usually do 35-minutes of HIIT cardio. For me, being an advanced, completely natural lifter, this split provides me with the volume and frequency needed to maximise my results”.

“I stick to the basics: barbells, dumbbells, callisthenics (dips and chins) and one cable exercise (the woodchopper).  I feel those basic tools, combined with a focus on compound lifts, provide the most value for my time in the gym”.

“I use mostly the Hex dumbbells for most of my functional training as it’s so versatile, can be used for cardio style movements as well as strength and more bodybuilding focuses. I can be using a 15/20kg dB for a single-arm snatch or using a pair of dumbbells for some chest presses or doing curls!

It’s a release from the pressure and stress of work-life and allows me to spend some time releasing endorphins, sweating and, in turn, that boost of feeling like I’ve accomplished something, which is good for mental and physical health. Training at home has really supported me through the pandemic, and it’s now part of my future routine.”


Having the key tools to perform the daily routines you enjoy set for a rewarding and thriving fitness regime that will help elevate your results.  Super Strong Fitness offers quality equipment to lay the foundations of your new fitness journey or to boost your current workout plan.


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