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Today, Instagram is one of the powerful and best social media platforms that has more than 800 million active users logging in monthly. And owing to its increasing popularity, you can find several Instagram tools that can help to enhance your marketing strategy on this social media site. 

There are several tools to manage your Instagram profile. In this article, we have listed some of the best tools for you to use them for best results. Some of the best tools include:

  1. Instasize Photo Editor + Video

An engaging and cohesive Instagram feed can add to your social performance. It is one of the best tools to enhance your feed. It is available on Android and iOS and is an essential app for social media marketers as it enables them to get the photo editing correct. It helps manage brightness, exposure, warmth, tint, contrast, shadows, highlights, saturation, and sharpness. Unfortunately, most don’t have the time for this. Hence, this tool provides 130 professional-grade, photography-inspired filters that you can choose from. You will get a filter that is apt to complement your image aesthetics and brand personality. 

  1. Hootsuite

Simply put, it is a platform for your social media management that makes it easy to publish and schedule a post. In addition, you can make use of Instagram choices to schedule your post beforehand. Hence, you don’t have to worry that you might forget posting it. 

When you have prepared the post, you can shift to manage other problems. When it’s time to publish the post, Hootsuite will share notification with you. Instagram, similar to any other social media platform always gets flooded with ads and post. Hence, it is essential to share content daily. Hootsuite will enable you to stay with a schedule. 

  1. Instagram Feed WD

It is a very easy-to-use plug-in for marketers! The Instagram Feed WD enables you to bring the hashtag, and user-based Instagram feeds to the site within a few clicks. You can showcase composite feeds of users and hashtags with image metadata and custom styling. You have the scope to use artistic layouts, like Blog style, Masonry, Browser, and Thumbnail. The tool provides you with a field’s functionality for showcasing filtered feeds. You have the option to base that on a specific hashtag, username, description, Instagram media link, and mention. 

  1. UNUM

Do you want to check how an image will appear on the feed before posting? If yes, that’s what UNUM allows you to do. Using your permission, this tool will connect with your current IG account, upload the previous post and allow you to add any image to check how it appears in your feed. You have the option to edit in the app. The tool also provides you with a scheduling feature and will send your alerts reminding you to share the image. 

  1. Snapseed

Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, this tool is for you! Snapseed is a Google-developed app and is easy to use. It will ensure that your images pop with advanced editing tools or pre-set looks. You can experiment with tonal contrast and white balance, fine tune the pictures and hone in on the subject through portrait mode. You can also manage the edit perspectives that you thought was unattainable using a camera. 

  1. Later

It is a free plan that offers you 30 posts monthly, one user and one social profile. Later also comes with another tool named, a landing page resembling the Instagram feed and showcases the posts like clickable pictures. 

Here, you can have access to your videos, images, and the Instagram account within Later. You also have several media libraries, so that you don’t have to share the videos and photos with every team member and Instagram accounts. In addition, you have the option to manage various Instagram accounts in the business plans. Within the teams, you have the managers sanctioning content, contributors submitting media or team members publishing the posts. 

  1. VSCO

Today, most people enjoy using VSCO because it is an easy image sharing platform. However, one thing that this tool provides which Instagram doesn’t have, is a vast collection of the pre-set filters. If you have a free account here you will get more than 10 amazing filters. 

  1. Boomerang

Boomerang is made by Instagram! Hence, once you download it, you can see it in the Instagram account as a choice for you to generate a Boomerang post, whether you share it as a post or IG story. This tool develops 4 seconds videos that loop a video back and forth for five times. The videos here get saved automatically, and there is no fear of losing it. Today many people are making use of Boomerang. It’s a fun way to shake up your Instagram page and highlight your creative side. 

These are some of the best Instagram tools for you to manage your profile. You can select and few and check how it adds to your brand’s social media persona. 


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