Key Qualities College Admissions Officers Want to See in Your Essay

If you are a student in your final years of high school, chances are you are already researching how to get into college. You are probably sending out several applications to various universities. Apart from providing your personal and academic information, most schools will need you to send a personal essay where you describe to admissions officers the reasons for applying to a particular course and school. You should also include details about your passion and what you bring to the table. But what else should you include? In this article, you will learn about the key qualities college admissions officers want to see in your essay.

Independent Mind

Admission evaluators receive hundreds or even thousands of applications within an application season. Therefore, they are experts in judging the capacity of an applicant just from looking at their essay. In addition, they can easily distinguish an original statement as opposed to a generic write-up. As such, it is essential to be authentic when writing an admission essay. To achieve this, you will want to do the following.

  • Present a problem you want to solve and how you understand it.
  • Analyze the problem and propose unique solutions.
  • Draw solutions based on your understanding.
  • Avoid presenting other people’s opinions as yours.

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Have a Positive Viewpoint

You may not think much of it, but being optimistic will show in your writings. Evaluators can detect positivity or negativity when reading your essay. As such, having a positive attitude can have a good effect on your chances of being admitted into a college. In general, having a positive viewpoint will permeate into the essay when describing your experiences and extracurricular activities.

In addition, admission officers prefer candidates with a positive attitude because such students are usually more interested in learning. Also, they usually take their education seriously. Therefore, writing enthusiastically will improve the likelihood of getting admission. 

Critical Thinking

A person capable of critical thinking and good writing skills is always a good candidate for admission. Hence, you should try and showcase your cognitive ability through your essay. When assessing your essay, evaluators will keep an eye on how you think. You can demonstrate your abilities by presenting information and your decision to apply to a school logically. You can achieve this by editing and reformatting your essay before sending it out. Likewise, you should find other people to help you proofread it

Leadership Skills

Having leadership skills is always good. Therefore, try to appear confident and proactive when writing admission articles. You will be able to achieve this by documenting the achievements and initiatives you supported. It should be noted that you do not have to take a leadership position to have leadership skills. In addition, specify your role in each club or activity you partake in. That said, try not to sound overly self-promotional or as if you are bragging.

Hard Work and Ambition

No university wants a lazy and apathetic student. Always highlight how hardworking and ambitious you are in all your admission writings. You can do this by discussing how you have completed tasks without quitting. Similarly, clearly state what you want to do after graduating. Describe what you think you can do that is different from what others have done.


When writing an admission essay, ensure you include all the details evaluators want to see. You will need to demonstrate your positive viewpoint, ability to think independently, critical thinking and leadership skills. Finally, evaluators love to see a hard worker and notice ambition in an applicant’s writing. Take note of this advice and your application essay will be top-notch!

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Charlotte Banks writes for a living. She primarily creates content for students. In addition, Charlotte is an admission specialist, so she knows the difference between a great and a mediocre admission essay. Her goal is to guide her readers through admission process.


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