Everyone loves to travel, at least once in a year. Getting short vacations and enjoying that with your family or friends is more like a necessity. It helps you to leave your worries behind and get started with the finest refreshment that your tiresome and boring life needs. How about making those traveling sessions free of cost? It might sound a bit absurd at first, but once you get started with the best Instagram travel blogging, you will realize the importance it holds. 

Thanks to Instagram, now you are able to become a travel blogger and get to collaborate with big brands. If are subject to good number of followers, there are higher chances from the brands that they will sponsor your travel. In return, you have to promote those companies. So, you are not just fulfilling your dreams of traveling around the world, but will do that without sending a single dollar from your pocket!

Instagram has changed travel marketing:

Currently Instagram API is open for all the advertisers out there. They get the chance to feature new ad formats like 30-seconds video ads, carousel ads and CTA buttons to reach maximum crowd at the same time. It is not hard to state that Instagram has changed the way travel market used to perform.

Able to build digital real time brochures:

Thanks to Instagram, you get the opportunity to build some of the real time digital brochures. For example, Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope is not the only one talking about the beauty of national park. You can always move forward towards US Department of Interior Account with over 1 million followers, showcasing some of the breathtaking views of this country. 

  • With the proper use of Instagram, the USA Interior Department can offer some real time updates from professional photographers who are stationed throughout nation and sharing them on most popular social networking site in the world.
  • This is one way to breathe in some life into images, which are otherwise trapped inside a government brochure or website. In its place, the firm now has living digital brochure, which is evolving on a daily basis.

Importance of cohesive feed:

If you want to play the role of travel influencer, then you must note the importance of cohesive feed. This kind of feed is able to attract some more followers. Most of the time, every possible travel company quickly aims to acquire new customers. So, the more Instagram followers you have, the higher will be the number of potential customers.

  • In order to stand out in the crowd and attract more followers, you have to pay close attention to Instagram feed and make it eye-catching as much as possible. Around 65% of the people out there are visual learners so you need to grab their attention.
  • On the other hand, around 72% of the Millennials and next generation youngsters will be sharing their photos on social media while they travel. So, around 67% of people will claim that the Instagram ability of location is a major factor while selecting upcoming holiday destination.
  • Moreover, around 40% of young travelers get to choose their upcoming holiday destination by checking out how Instagram Worthy that place is.
  • So, it is vital for the travel bloggers to showcase destinations, with the goal to inspire travelers. 

In case you are one such travel blogger who sells digital downloads like filters, getting a promising Instagram feed is one way to show off your items and then encourage followers to try it out as well.

A perfect mix of regional and general hashtags:

You have already decided to buy 10 Instagram followers for the sake of growing your account’s popularity, which is a good call. But, if you get to use the proper mix of regional and general hashtags, you can always gain natural followers and likes and don’t need to buy them.

Hash tags are proven to be amazing ways to get your content discovered. It helps you to gain the much needed following, mainly if you are savvy about hash tags that you are using. Whenever you are traveling, always think of using multiple hash tags. Those need to focus on three major categories to follow.

  1. Opt for the hash tags which will get your contents featured on influential accounts. Some of the travel publications like Afar, National Geographic and more will have branded hash tags. So, use hem in your post to get your content picked up by media outlets.
  2. You can even aim for the regional hash tags. People always click on such hash tags while looking for places to things to do or eat. So, remember to add those within your hash tag list. Some examples are monikers, name of city, slogans associated with that place and more. It helps you to capture targeted audiences well.
  3. The third option in here is the generalized travel based hash tags. Some of those options are “ilovetravel,” “instatravel,” “travelwriter,” “tourism” and so much more. These are some of the generalized hash tags and will help your content to get surfaced to people interested in general vertical.

Always try to save the favorites on your mobile device so that you can use them as first comment on post. Also remember that adding over 30 hash tags will prevent comments from getting posted. But, content with around 11 to more hash tags will receive highest engagement.

Always end up with a compelling caption:

Instagram is solely based on picture. Even though this phrase will ring true on Instagram, captions can always add amazing values to Instagram content if used proficiently.

Following these simple points are important if you want to gain popularity as travel bloggers. Try to add the points as much as possible and change travel market for the betterment.


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