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Amazon has become a one-stop solution for any type of need today. From online product delivery to cloud services, It is upgrading each day and providing many features to its customers. One of its best services provided by Amazon is Amazon Web Services. AWS is now one of the top cloud providers in the market. Moreover, in order to help people to validate their skills in Amazon Web Services, Amazon is also offering AWS certifications as well.

One of the top AWS certifications is AWS Solutions Architect Certification. This certificate boosts your resume and adds immense value to your skill sets which will help you stand out. Within just a few years, the demand for this certificate has increased immensely. This blog provides you with information on why AWS solution Architect Certification is important for your career. 

First, let me just give you a brief overview of AWS Solution Architect Certification. 

What is AWS Solution Architect Certification?

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is one of the most lucrative and demanded cloud computing certifications available. This certification validates your knowledge in problem-solving and your ability to work with AWS cloud. In AWS Solution Architect Certification, there are two types of certificates available. The first one is  AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate in which your developing, deploying cloud applications, problem-solving skills, and solution executing skills will be evaluated. The next one is AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional. In this certification, your ability to create, implement, and execute applications will be assessed. These are very popular certifications and have high value in the IT industry. The AWS tutorial will provide you with the necessary fundamental knowledge to succeed in the AWS field. 

Why is AWS Solution Architect Certification?

If you are wondering, why do you need to do this certification and what role does it play in your career?! All your doubts will be cleared in this section. Check out the following top benefits of taking up this certification that I have listed for you. 

  1. High Demand in the IT industry

The certified professionals in AWS Solution Architect have a huge demand in the IT industry. The cloud has already occupied many industries and is expanding each day.  Out of all,  AWS is one of the widely adopted cloud services these days. Due to this, Companies are now seeking professionals in the cloud field. As per recent studies, AWS-related skills are required for around 60% of cloud computing jobs. This figures that AWS skills and expertise are in great demand and will remain so in the future. Hence, the demand and the value for this certification are huge. It validates a person’s ability to work in cloud architecture and proves your commitment to learning. 

  1. Validates Your Professional Expertise

A certification helps a candidate showcase his/her talent in a particular domain. Likewise, AWS Solution Architect Certification helps people to learn and grow further in their careers. This certification determines your capacity of how well you can resolve an issue in the cloud, develop, deploy cloud applications, and how well you can work with AWS Services, etc. So, if you are able to clear this certification that means you are definitely well versed in all these concepts and technologies. This validates your professional expertise. This proves that you have in-depth hands-on knowledge of cloud applications. Having validation for your professional skills is very important and will be helpful. 

  1. Boosts the Value of Your Resume

As previously mentioned, AWS certifications have high demand in the IT industry.  It shows your commitment to learning the latest technologies in the cloud computing industry. You can only pass this certification if you are well equipped with knowledge in the cloud. So, adding up that certification to your resume will increase your chances of getting placed. Also, the cloud is very essential for various roles. Even software engineers, ethical hackers, cyber security professionals need proficiency in the cloud. Hence, getting certified in AWS certification will be beneficial in your career. 

  1. Increases Job Prospects

The main objective of learning a technical skill is to upgrade your knowledge and increase job prospects. To achieve this objective, AWS Solutions Architect Certification might be the best choice in the current industry. Cloud is everywhere. So as the Amazon Web Services. Therefore, Learning a popular technology will help you increase your ability to get a decent job. One AWS certification might entirely change the interviewer’s perspective towards you. It gives the recruiter proof that you are eligible for the position and you have certain skills that they rely on. Hence, the job is yours. 

  1. Higher Wages are Offered 

AWS solution architect certification helps people to start their career as well as helps you upgrade their career to the next level. A person who has advanced his skills with AWS certification gets higher wages. According to AWS recruitment specialist Jefferson Frank’s survey, the chances of increasing your salary after this certification is up to 40%. If a fresher has done this certification then the chances of getting him placed in a reputed company with an industry-standard salary are very high. 

Upgrading yourself with certification can never be useless, especially, if it is AWS Solutions Architect Certification. It only helps you take your career to the next level. So, if you are in the IT industry and want to work with the cloud, you should definitely do the AWS Solution Architect Certification.


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