Write Essays Without Plagiarism

Whenever students begin writing, the biggest challenge they face is in the form of plagiarism. Many of them don’t know how to work their way around it, making plagiarism lose marks. To help you save your grade and ease your struggle with written work, we are here with ways to work on papers without it!

Express the main ideas in your own words

What is an essential thing in a paper? The main idea that you’re trying to convey? You are trying to convince your reader of your ideas and prove your stance. It is your voice. How would it reflect on your task if the reader feels you have copied someone else’s tone and voice? Or if they think you have copied someone else’s content? They will never find your work credible. You might be wondering if someone else can write my essays for me without this nuisance, but if you want to give it a go yourself, here is what we suggest.

To write an essay without plagiarizing, you must start expressing your ideas in your words. It should be your voice going through the text to the reader. Yes, it is okay to take ideas from previous write-ups, but you have to use them as evidence only. Just as a reference, nothing more. If you copy someone else’s work without a reference or citation, that is copying, and that will get you a bad grade. To be honest with you, it doesn’t paint the best picture in your teacher’s eyes either. It significantly reduces your credibility as a student and a writer, so be careful!

5 Ideas on Avoiding Plagiarism While Writing Content

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Keep a record of the sources you refer to

As we said, sources are crucial. It would be best to mention the source of every citation you have taken from someone else’s work. All the primary research that you have used to prepare your write-up must be something your teacher can track. If you think your teacher will not go through the trouble of doing that, then you’re wrong. These citations and bibliography can save you from having plagiarism articles.

But let us warn you, keeping track of these sources can be difficult. Why? You need to mention at least 5 to 6 references in every task. If you don’t, you lose marks on credibility. How do you do that? By having a checklist, of course!

Here is how it works:

  • To avoid essay plagiarism, write the number of total sources;
  • List each source as you cite it in the piece of writing;
  • In the pursuit of avoiding plagiarism, make sure you assign a number to each source;
  • As you add each of these to the paper, you can cross them out or add a checkmark next to the checklist.

It isn’t too much work and does wonders for the credibility of your task, so make sure you follow these simple steps. It is the ideal way to keep track of the sources you are referring to. If you are a digital person, you can also use note-keeping tools like EndNote to help you prepare the checklist for the sources of citations.

Use quotations

To write a paper without plagiarizing, you can also rely on quotations. There is a high risk of writing things and not using quotations because your teacher will deduct your marks. The correct way to show a quote is by using speech marks and adding the content just as it is in the initial source. Don’t try to reword it in any way. Try to keep it subtle instead of playing smart by tampering with the words. Your professor will see through it all. 

It is pretty easy to write quotations because you can simply copy them in the actual text and cite the author’s last name next to the year in which the article was written; something like this : (Author, Year). Oh, make sure you separate the name and year using a comma. If this information is absent in your essay, the quotation will be considered copied text, so make sure you’re highly cautious! Using this technique, you can even reduce the number of words you have to write yourself and also avoid plagiarism essay without much difficulty.

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Paraphrase content

Many students think, “can I reword my essay to avoid the problem of copied work?” These thoughts usually come when they are about to plagiarize definition or a significant part of the content. Well, the answer is yes! Luckily, if you paraphrase everything from scratch, it isn’t counted as plagiarism, but you still need to have proper, well-formatted citations to prove the worth of your write-up.

Don’t go around using paraphrasing tools because they can disrupt the coherence and turn a well-written paper into a piece that makes no sense and nothing adds up well enough for you to get marks. Try to restate the ideas, essential points, and information in your own words to make your task. Add your tone to it, so your teacher won’t catch you. The more familiar it sounds to the way you usually write, the lesser there is a chance for your teacher to suspect anything. Let’s not forget the countless software that detects copied papers, so taking care of it and playing safe is the only option. It is the perfect way to write without plagiarism.

Use a plagiarism checker

Before you submit your work, you need to do your due diligence. Don’t just rush to submit the paper before your deadline. You should always proofread and edit your work and check for authenticity. If it is copied above 15 percent, you are already at the risk of losing your grade, so what’s an early submission worth, right?

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The way to avoid such problems and make sure your paper is 100 percent genuine is to use a plagiarism checker every time you write something. It will tell you which bits are copied and where you can find them on the internet. These tools also tell whether your work matches a blog, a website, an article, or a student paper. Since you have all the details at your fingertips now, you should have a thorough check before handing over your work to your teacher.


With all these tips at your disposal, you can quickly write a plagiarism-free paper and score a decent grade. Yes, it takes some time to get used to all these tips and tricks, but nothing can stop you from getting your grades once you do. Make sure you follow them, so you never have the problem of copied work!


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