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About Link Building

Link building is the core Off Page SEO factor. If you are looking to rank the website organically, then you need to fix the On Page SEO and then move to link building. Proper backlinks from reliable sources will help you to improve the ranks in a strategic way. 

As a website owner, if you are planning to build links to your website, then you should give importance to many factors like domain authority, niche relevance, traffic of the website, anchor text, target linking page and many more factors. In this blog, let’s see in detail about the proper ways of building backlinks from best sources. 

Things to consider before building links

There are many factors which you need to give importance while building links. Below are some of them,

  1. Domain Authority & Domain Rating
  2. Traffic
  3. Niche Relevancy
  4. Anchor Text Ratio
  5. Target Linking Page
  1. Domain Authority & Domain Rating

Domain Authority ranged from 1 to 100 and it’s just a search engine ranking score. It was developed by Moz and it determines how well the domain is familiar in search engines. The more the domain authority, it means the domain is old and have good reputation on Google. 

Even though there are many strategies to increase the domain authority, it is still given more importance while building backlinks. Domain Rating is similar to domain authority which was introduced by ahref’s to measure the domain’s performance.

As you can see from the above image, ClickDo has a domain rating of 55 which is really a good sign if you are looking to publish blogs and build links.

  1. Traffic

The next thing which you need to give more importance while building backlinks is traffic of the site. Even if the domain authority is very high, there will be less traffic in some sites. Hence always have a look at the traffic and make sure the website have atleast 1k traffic according to ahref’s or SEMRush. 

As you can see from the above image, UK Business Blog has a domain rating of 55 and traffic of 2k according to ahref’s. Normally ahref’s will show the less traffic when compared with the original traffic. So looking at the ahref’s data, it’s a good site to publish a post and get a backlink. Links from such sites will help you give a boost to your backlink profile.

  1. Niche Relevancy

Niche relevancy is to be looked but not need to give more importance. For example if you are planning to build a link to your cleaning company website, then you can build some links from niche relevant website which speaks about the topics related to cleaning and home improvement niche. On the other hand, you can also build links from premium news/magazine websites as it will add massive value to the root domain and improve the authority.

Backlinks from the sites like BM Magazine, London Loves Business, London Business News, etc will help you improve the ranks for the main keywords organically. 

  1. Anchor Text Ratio

Anchor text is the text which you use to give a link to. Anchor text plays vital part in the SEO and if you mess up with the anchor text, then it will very hard for you to rank for the target keyword. SEO Consultant like Dinesh Kumar VM from ClickDo recommends to use branded anchor, naked URL links if you are planning to rank a brand new website. 

The common mistake that you will make while building links is going for keyword rich anchors. Of course you can build some keyword rich anchors, but you should make sure that few links are built with keyword rich anchors and so it’s very safe. You can checkout this video – where the Digital Entrepreneur & Founder of ClickDo Ltd, Fernando Raymond explained all about backlinks ratio in SEO.

  1. Target Linking Page

Target linking page is the landing page which you try to rank for. Ideally, you will link to this page from the guest posts while building links. So if you have many service pages or product based pages in your website, Make sure you build more links with branded anchors to the home page. So this will help you to build the root domain authority and even if you audit the websites which are already ranking on top, you can spot that the most linked pages will be the home page of the domain. 

At The End

At the same time, you can give importance to the subpages and blog pages and build some links to that as well.

As an SEO Consultant or business owner, just follow the above steps while building backlinks and improve the authority of your business website. 


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