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Money is one of the biggest issues for students. Most young people live on a budget, trying to make some savings for their goals and desires. Especially those who are studying at UK colleges struggle with lack of money because of high prices in this country.  To cut their expenses, students are constantly searching for discounts and affordable options. Luckily, there is a big variety of discount coupons for British students. You can get almost anything, from pizza to assignment writing services for a reduced price. 

Find discounts on writing services

Custom writing is one of the most popular services used by students. Young people often turn to specialized platforms that provide help with homework assignments for money. However, purchasing papers may be quite expensive for learners because of the tight budget they have. Luckily, there are multiple discount opportunities to order a research paper help or coursework assistance online. If you type in a search box something like ‘vouchers for essays’ or ‘discount codes for assignment writing’, you will see dozens of websites providing vouchers or referral links that can help you reduce your expenses. 

UK websites with information on discounts

Save The Student 

This website provides lists of deals to take advantage of while being a student. Although most of them are temporary, they are still quite generous. To find what you need, you can use a search tool, which is really convenient. 

Student Money Saver

On this platform, you can access a wide range of student deals and discounts. What’s more, it provides valuable recommendations on how to manage your money in a better way. 

UK discount cards and online codes 


The International Student Identity Card is the only proof of a student status, which is recognized all over the globe. If you are travelling abroad, this card can get you discounts in over 130 countries, including the UK. Most importantly, it gives major bonuses for flights and train tickets. But note that you need to pay for this card, it usually costs between $4-25, depending on the country of your residence.


This card is supported by the National Union of Students, so it’s one of the best discount cards available today. It gets great deals on travel, eating out, fitness, fashion and more. If you are ready to purchase TOTUM Pro, which goes together with ISIC, you’ll have to pay £12 a year or £22 per two years. Otherwise, you can get a TOTUM Lite card absolutely for free. 


Students who love online shopping could benefit from UNiDAYs. After signing up to this platform, you will get big discounts for top-rated brands including ASOS, Apple and Urban Outfitters. What sets UNiDAYs apart from other websites is that there are no fees. Besides, you can use it as an app on your smartphone. 

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Students discounts for technology 

Many tech companies have a discount system for the UK students. For example, Adobe Creative Cloud gives 60% off its services. If you need Apple for education, you can receive up to 10% discount on laptops and Mac computers and up to 5% on iPads. With HP, you can also make some serious savings as it gives up to 50% off for UNiDAYS owners shopping online. 

Young people that work on Microsoft OS can gain access to the whole Office suite and 1TB of online storage for free. Another vital thing needed for active computer users is an antivirus system. The best provider for students would be Norton Security as it allows them to save up to $65. Also, note that Vodafone gives UK students 10% off selected plans and O2 provides 20% off their Airtime Plan. 

UK discounts for entertainment

Entertainment is a necessary part of anybody’s life. It’s vital to combine studies with fun activities. Luckily, UK learners are welcomed to visit Odeon Cinemas with a 25% discount from Monday to Thursday. But note that it works only for TOTUM card owners. Cineworld also has reduced price tickets for British students. Music lovers can enjoy Spotify Premium membership for half price or get Apple Music for just £4.99, which is twice cheaper than the standard price.

Final thoughts 

With so many offerings out there, young people can get really great deals both online and in store. UK students can benefit from up to 60% discounts on their travels, clothes, meals, gadgets and other needs. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to use all the advantages of a student status when it comes to shopping.

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