Google’s Voice Assistants

Google entering the tech market has been a big deal as it set a precedent. With the help of smart home devices, you can now very easily, and at half the cost automate your home in certain ways. 

There are smart lights, smart thermostats, smart sprinklers, smart kitchen appliances, smart door locks – so many different categories of smart devices available for our homes. And what connects them all together are voice assistants. Once connected, these devices can be commanded with a single voice command. How amazing is that? 

Here are some of Google’s own versions of Voice Assistants suitable for your homes. 

Google Nest Audio 

This voice assistant priced at $99 is one of the affordable ones in the market. It is very easy to set up the Nest Audio; all you need is a google account, mobile phone or tablet, an electric outlet, and of course, the home Wi-Fi.  

Once it’s set up through the Google Home app, just say “Hey Google” and instruct the Nest Audio to blast music from your Spotify playlist, put on a movie from Netflix on the TV, or even switch your smart lights on or off. If you have multiple smart devices, they can easily be controlled once connected to the Nest Audio. 

Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

The Nest Mini smart speaker is here to stay with its compatible and useful features. Retailing for $49, not only does the design of the mini speaker look great but it adds an aesthetical feature to your home in any of its 4 available colors, along with all the other amazing things it does. 

You can have a great time listening to music off of YouTube or your personal Spotify playlist with the best sound quality. The Nest Mini Smart Speaker can also connect to your other smart home devices and appliances just like the Nest Audio. Control anything with a simple voice command. Furthermore, it can even check up weather forecasts, traffic situations, recipes for while you make dinner, search solutions on how to get the wine stain off your shirt – there’s so much it can do!

The setup is also super simple, the Nest Mini speaker connects to the Wi-Fi, and with the help of the Google Home app, it is easy to set up and ready to use.

Google Home Assistant Smart Speaker

The Home Assistant Smart Speaker, retailing for $99, comes with a built-in Google Assistant to make your daily tasks and questions easily answered, and done. This is very handy for those who are always busy around the house and find it difficult to answer their calls, texts, and can set reminders for themselves given that they don’t always have their phones with them. You can even wake up to easier mornings by instructing the Google Assistant to start the smart coffee machine so that by the time you’re out of bed, a hot cup of coffee is ready. Other than that, control more smart devices around your house – if you forget to turn off the lights, or want to change the thermostat temperature, you can ask Google Assistant to do that for you. 

A great feature of this particular Google device is that the Home Assistant Smart Speaker can allow up to 5 voices that it can recognize. That means it is easier for more people in the house to make use of this smart speaker instead of one or two individuals. The smart speaker design also allows it to blend in really well with modern homes and looks quite pleasing to the eye too! Its sound quality is so much better allowing you to have a great experience in listening to your music playlists as well. 

In a Nutshell

Google’s Voice Assistants, also referred to as Smart Speakers are quite useful devices. Their price points are even reasonable given the features they include in making home automation a reality. Who knew such little devices could handle such great tasks? Setting schedules for multiple devices around the house, even reminders for yourself, or just carrying out basic tasks like playing your music or placing a call while you unload the dryer. It’s the little things these voice assistants make easier for us. 


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