Dental Veneers vs Dental Implants

Cosmetic dentistry has steadily risen in popularity over the past decade, reaching a peak in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Insecurities around the appearance of teeth are on the increase, as people look to the latest procedures in order to achieve the perfect smile. 

Why Is Cosmetic Dentistry So Popular?

The rise in Zoom meetings and the influence of social media has created an intense scrutiny on the way our smiles look. The desire to ‘fix’ our smile has never been greater. As a result, many are looking to dental veneers or dental implants to gain a pearly white, straight smile, and with good reason. A confident smile is important; not only does our smile express happiness, it signals to others that we are self-assured and open to interaction. 

The choice between implants or veneers can be a particularly difficult one. Read on to discover the key facts you need to know before you make the decision with your dentist.  

What Are Dental Veneers?

A veneer is a very thin layer that is permanently bonded to the surface of the tooth. They can create the appearance of a straight, white smile by covering staining, chips or gaps. 

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a more invasive procedure that screws directly into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth and can also support other false teeth to create a natural, long-lasting smile. 

Dental Implants vs Dental Veneers

Choosing between implants or veneers? It can be a difficult decision and factors such as cost have to be considered carefully. Your dentist will help you to choose the most appropriate treatment for your smile based on your individual needs and circumstances.


Both implants and veneers last on average 10 to 15 years. Both need to be carefully looked after to ensure health and longevity, just as if they were your own teeth. Both can easily be repaired and replaced if needed. Bear in mind that once you have undergone either procedure, they will need periodic upkeep to keep them looking their best. 


Of course, cost is often a significant factor to consider when choosing between the two procedures. You can expect to pay around £500 – £1000 per porcelain veneer, although composite resin is slightly less at Around £150 – £400 per tooth. 

Each implant will cost between £900-1000 although if you are replacing multiple teeth, an implant that supports multiple crown may be a more cost-effective solution. 

The Procedure  

Dental implants are a much more invasive procedure than veneers. This is because the ‘root’ of the tooth takes the form of a titanium screw that bonds with your jawbone over time. Your dentist will offer you pain relief options throughout the procedure and help to alleviate any anxieties you may have before the treatment. Veneers may cause a little discomfort but are much less invasive than implants. 

Create Your Dream Smile

Both dental implants and veneers are perfectly crafted and shaped to fit your mouth. They are completely bespoke to fit your mouth and blend perfectly with the rest of your teeth. Both a fantastic options for a long-lasting, straight, white smile. For more information about dental implants Huddersfield or Veneers Halifax, Fresh Smile clinic are happy to help. 


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