County Court Judgment Removal Tips

Do you have a CCJ – County Court Judgment and you are willing to have it removed? In this article. we have listed some great tips to help you to remove County Court Judgment. We are sure at the end you will have the complete understanding & knowledge.

How to Remove a Judgment by a County Court

The only way for England and Wales County Court Judgments (CCJs) to be removed from the Register is if they are either canceled or set aside by the court.

Having a County Court Judgment Set Aside

You will be required to get in touch with the court responsible for issuing the judgment if you would like a CCJ set aside. You’ll be asked to fill out form N244 providing your reasons for asking for the judgment to be set aside and pay a £275 (360) court fee. 

If the application for CCJ removal is approved by the court, you will get a fresh hearing where the judge can order that the judgment be set aside.

Alternatively, if both you and the claimant agree that the judgment needs to be removed, you can fill out a consent form asking that the judgment be set aside by consent. You will be required to pay a £115 ($150) court fee for the consent to be put before a judge. If the judge approves the content form, the judgment may be set aside.

If a judgment is set aside by the court, a notification will be issued for removing the judgment from the public register. To check whether your CCJ was set aside, you can use the case number search feature found on TrustOnline.

How to Cancel a Judgment

If the judgment amount is paid in full within a calendar month from the judgment date, it can be removed from the public register.

You or the claimant can get in touch with the court and provide proof of payment, but if you provide proof of payment and want a ‘Certificate of Cancelation or Satisfaction’, you will be required to fill out form N443 and provide a £16 ($20) postal order or cheque.

Once the court issues a notification that a particular judgment has been canceled, it will be removed from the public register and the credit reference agencies notified to remove the judgment from their files.

What If the County Court Judgment Is Linked to an Insurance Claim?

If a judgment against a certain consumer is related to an insurance claim, can have the credit reference agencies remove the judgment from their credit file. However, it will remain outstanding on the public register unless the court issues a notification for its removal.

You would be required to provide a letter on a headed paper from the insurance company or their solicitors that conforms:

  • The judgment relates to an insurance claim
  • Judgment amount
  • Case number
  • Judgment date

Upon receiving a letter issued by the insurance provider or the insurance provider’s solicitors, instructions will be issued to credit reference agencies for removing that judgment from their files.


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