Common Problem of Gambling Addiction

People do not generally like to talk about gambling addiction but it is an important subject. There is so much gambling possible online nowadays that it is becoming a bigger issue by the day. There is a temptation to gamble on so many sports and gambling machines that many people have addictions. Many of these addictions are called Impulsive-Control Disorder. For many people with this illness, it takes hold of their life and can make life very difficult for them. At, you can look through top casino sites in the UK and learn how to gamble safely and not lose your money. 

Symptoms of Being Addictive to Gambling

With gambling addiction, people can not control their urge to gamble. If they do not feed their addiction they can feel depressed, have headaches and anxiety issues. Thousands of people often feel like taking their own life when they suffer from gambling addiction too. Back in 2012, there were over five million people who had this illness. Nowadays we believe it is closer to 10 million. People who suffer from this need to gamble are more likely to have drug issues in their life and they often can abuse the people around them. 

There is such a huge business, that the gambling industry takes in billions every year. Gamblers can gamble in land-based casinos or online, it is everywhere nowadays. Did you know that Las Vegas has over forty million visitors every year? Many of these tourists are interested in gambling at the many casinos on offer. In Australia the citizens gamble up to 18 billion dollars per year, making them some of the biggest gamblers on the planet. So you can see how easy it is to get addicted to this very popular pastime. 

Preventive Measures

So how do you prevent yourself from becoming addicted to gambling? 

  • You must have discipline and know when enough is enough. This is the most important aspect of gambling. 
  • Those that suffer from gambling addiction do not have any self-control. They are willing to keep gambling no matter what the consequences, this is a very dangerous habit.
  • If you are worried about having issues when you gamble you must start learning discipline in your life. This means you only gamble the money you can afford to lose. Once this money has been gambled, that is it you stop gambling. 

There are thousands of people who chase their money when they gamble. So if they lose $100 they feel the need to try and chase that money back before stopping. Of course, they never do and they end up losing even more money. This is the start of gambling addiction. So it is important to be aware of what you are doing when you are gambling. 


As long as you use gambling as a bit of fun and entertainment to pass some time, it is fine. But if you start taking it too seriously there can be big problems. So be aware of why you are gambling and remember it is just about having some fun and nothing more.


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