Buying a New Car

We will see several new releases from multiple manufacturers in the coming months, but most car enthusiasts will tell you that it’s not always ideal for students to adopt the latest release. For most students, it’s just better to buy a slightly older, more established model. If that suggestion seems counterintuitive, it will start to make a lot more sense once you go over our first point.

Don’t be an Early Adopter

When a brand-new car sporting new design elements and upgraded internals is introduced, it’s seldom perfect. It takes a few product-release cycles before the automotive manufacturer can iron out all kinks and make improvements where necessary or possible. This does not necessarily mean the first generation of a new series/model is never good, but most students should not take the financial risks inherently associated with buying a brand-new model.

Instead, stick to a well-established series, model, and avoid making an expensive mistake. You will find older, popular models to be less expensive than their latest iterations in both price and maintenance. Note that the ‘older’ car being suggested here is an older model that was released in a previous year, and not a used car. Also, the last year’s model should never be that dreaded first-generation model previously mentioned.

Compare Car Insurance Policies from Multiple Insurers

When you are trying to make the most out of your budget, never buy any insurance policy without at least going through your options first. Compare car insurance policies and their respective quotes online from multiple insurance companies before buying. Doing so is the best way to find the insurance coverage your car needs at the lowest possible price. When all policy details, coverages, and price quotes from different car insurance providers are right there in front of you, making an informed choice becomes so much simpler.

Don’t Go into More Debt than Absolutely Necessary

Student loans and living expenses generally make it difficult for students to buy any extravagant cars these days. Therefore, the general consensus is that they should not be going into any more debt to buy a new car than what is necessary. Barring the rich, that’s sound advice and you should remember that when your impulse to get something that you cannot afford feels overwhelmingly strong!

Do Your Research: Car Suggestions

As previously mentioned, slightly older but popular models are cheaper to buy and easier to maintain than their respective successors. However, you will still need to know which models qualify as such in advance. Get started by finding more info on the following cars, which come highly recommended for college and university students on a budget.

Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall has been in the business of making cars since 1903, making them one of the oldest British automotive manufacturers in business today. The Vauxhall Corsa 2022 is an excellent compact car for students, thanks to a good build, plenty of safety measures, an affordable price tag, better interiors (2022 edition), full/hybrid electric motor options, and a very satisfying drive.

The infotainment system and the restricted backseats are both common gripes with the Corsa though, so keep that in mind before buying the compact supermini that takes its category too seriously! If you need a more spacious vehicle, then the Volkswagen Polo would be a better choice.

Mazda MX-5

This is the only ‘premium’ car in this post that is perfect for students who want a bit more from their (possibly) first car. Besides, the Mazda MX-5 starts at roughly £22,000+ and still qualifies as a veritable sports car. There is quite literally no car in the market today that comes even close to the MX-5’s price-to-performance ratio. Not to mention, the MX-5 is more gorgeous as any car has ever been in this price range.

The JDM sports car has been around in the UK for so long that it can no longer be considered a pure JDN. Everything from parts and mods to custom upgrade options are all available in abundance for the Mazda MX-5 right here. As long as you don’t mind the roadster’s obvious 2-seater limit and a lack of cargo space, the MX-5 remains the most loved sports car that students can at least consider.

Volkswagen Polo

The Polo is often touted to have roomy interiors, but it’s mostly a myth, just like it is with most budget supermini/compact cars. The latest Polo comes with a somewhat acceptable 3-Star safety rating by default, but you can upgrade it for better safety at a premium. The real appeal here is the time-tested reliability of the Volkswagen brand itself, along with the polo’s superb handling and its excellent shock absorption system.

If you are on a really tight budget, then the cheapest Dacia Sandero at just £12,150+ may seem like a far more lucrative option initially. However, its lack of safety features, unreliable drive, and subpar build quality makes the Sandero a poor choice. Save up for a Polo or a Corsa (£17,000+) instead, if you can.


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