Bitcoin Investment long term

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency that aimed to act as a digital currency. The token works to enable easy peer-to-peer transactions. Each of these transactions is undertaken on the web and allows easy transfer of funds. Check platform like the bitcoin up to get started with bitcoin trading.

Let us put in a real-world example. Suppose, you wish to buy a pizza online. Now to complete the user transaction you need to make a payment for the same. Here, you can choose to make your payment through cryptos. Suppose, you own certain Bitcoins then you can easily make your payments using them. You can simply transfer your existing token to the merchant using the payment gateway. 

Working model of Bitcoin

According to a white paper released by Bitcoin developers, the token adopts a simple working model. It makes use of Blockchain technology and decentralized finance to enable transactions. 

Every Bitcoin transaction is broken down into individual units. In other words, blockchains are nothing but public ledger that stores transactions. Each of these blocks stores individual transaction details with a unique reference assigned to each. Each of these blocks works in unison to develop chains in the system. These chains are then hosted in the public network. Admin or authorized users within the network control the flow of information. While Bitcoin has been in use for more than a decade now, the popularity of blockchain grew recently. Many institutions are trying to leverage this working model. There are large-scale investments in blockchain technology being undertaken in the global market. 

Decentralized finance is a simple concept. It eliminates the need for any regulatory authorities to complete user transactions. There is nil involvement from any central bank or regulatory agencies. Transactions are end-to-end managed on the web. The user transactions are validated through the process of data mining. Recipients may choose to hold their tokens or liquidate the same as required. 

Market performance of Bitcoin

The launch price of Bitcoin in 2009 was lesser than $1. Also, the token was never aimed to be an investment model. The primary purpose was to enable transactions to eliminate regulatory agencies. However, the utility and working model soon made Bitcoin an investment token. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, the market has always been volatile. Prices continue to fluctuate giving way to new investments. In two years, the market price of Bitcoin grew to $123 per token. Early investors were overwhelmed. New investors joined the club as the price was affordable to many. 

Along with individual users, there have also been institutional investments in Bitcoin. It allowed for further increase in prices. The prices surpasses the $10k mark in 2012. Between 2017 – 2021, Bitcoin witnessed huge price hikes and falls. In 2021, the price of BTC tokens touched an all-time high at $65k per token. It is the highest price ever recorded by any cryptocurrencies. 

As per estimates, there is also speculation that the price of BTC is expected to reach the $100k mark. This is mainly due to the controlled flow of currency in the market. There is already a fixed count on the number of tokens that shall be available. Another 20 years from now, there shall not be any Bitcoin mining activity. This creates a huge demand-supply issue. Hence, investors are on the lookout for purchasing tokens and holding the same. The tokens are sold in the market when the prices increase making a lucrative investment. 

Market performance of BTC in 2022

BTC tokens have been trading at the red line for more than a month in a row now. The prices per token have been reduced to less than $19k per token. It is also estimated that BTC prices may drop to less than $10k. Investors are concerned about their holdings. There is also a tendency for crypto winter to take over. 

Despite these, it is understood that Bitcoin can prove beneficial in the long run. If you are interested in long-term returns, then Bitcoin is your best bet. The token has provided an impressive return on investment to its users before. It will continue the same pattern in the coming days as well. Various factors including the economic crisis, dollar value, and other geographical reasons.


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