Life with children is not a bargain. In addition to everyday needs such as living, eating and clothing, there are costs for school, hobbies, trips, gifts and vacations. It goes without saying that many families think carefully about where they can save.

We have put together great savings tips with which you can easily increase your available budget. We present these to you in several articles – sorted by topic.

A few words in advance

Leisure & hobbies, that sounds a bit like luxury at first. Do you really have to go out to eat when it comes to saving money? Is cinema necessary then? Of course, neither is one of the basic needs. But to do without it completely would be sad.

That is why we think: of course, family life also includes amusements that are not absolutely necessary. And we will show you how you can realize it as cheaply as possible 🙂

Restaurant and delivery services

The first rule before you go to a restaurant: If you don’t already know it, make sure you really like it. Nothing is more stupid than looking forward to an away meal for weeks and then being disappointed. Asks acquaintances and friends and checks the reviews, e.g. B. at Trip Advisor.

Coupons and Vouchers

Many restaurants take part in promotions through Wadav that may be worthwhile for you. The pizza delivery service or the fast food restaurant with the golden M always have discount promotions. If you take good care here, you can save a lot of money and still treat yourself to the luxury.

Sport & Hobby

Here is the most important basic rule: first check that the sport of your choice is available at the sports club around the corner before you sign up for an expensive gym membership. If this is not the case, be sure to compare the prices before accepting an offer.

Most of the time there is room for negotiation, e.g. B. entering a gym. Basically, sports clubs are always the cheapest solution, they usually also offer family tariffs and often have a great range of sports.

Does your child play soccer and constantly need new shoes because they are growing so quickly? Often there is the possibility in the club to take over shoes of older children cheaply. Just ask the trainer or supervisor of the team.

There are also youth centers in many communities that offer leisure, sport or dance courses. Often even free of charge. Information is usually available directly from the municipality or from schools.


  • The good old city library is still a great tip for saving money. There are books, CD’s, DVD’s, computer games. Often also events especially for children.
  • Buying magazines is a thing of the past, now it is much cheaper to buy them e.g. B. to read about Readily by subscription.
  • There are also great streaming offers for films, audio books and music that the whole family can watch. B. at Amazon Prime.
  • Cinema: use cinema day. It is often a difference of several euros whether you go to the cinema on Thursday evening or on Sunday morning. Especially for families, you can easily collect a proud penny. Also look out for vouchers for popcorn & Co. Or bring your own snacks, because they are particularly expensive in the cinema.

Amusement parks

They are fun for families and, unfortunately, often incredibly expensive. But with a few tips, it will be much cheaper:

  • Birthday children do not pay admission
  • Save with family tickets – there are often offers for families that are significantly cheaper than if each person had to pay their entrance fee separately.
  • If you are really big fans and live near a park, a season ticket can also be a good solution. It’s much cheaper than individual tickets and, above all, you always have a great destination for excursions for months.

How do you save

Do you still know tips on how to save on leisure and hobbies that we haven’t listed here? Let us know how you save. We’ll then add your tip to the list so that everyone can benefit from it.


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