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The use of cell phones has gone up to new heights in the recent few years. They are now used in each and every dimension of life for the accomplishment of purposes.

The phones are largely used by the kids for taking up their academic assignments and activities, especially in Covid times. Another massive application and usage of cell phones are in businesses nowadays.

But there are some threatening situations that arise due to the excessive usage of cell phones by the employees and kids.

The kids are found to be largely influenced and impacted by the cyber criminals who look to become a part of kids’ lives for accomplishing unlawful objectives. These criminals include pedophiles and gamblers, robbers as well.

They look to harass and bully the child so that the child starts sharing confidential information of self and family out of frustration. Moreover, the use of cell phones enables the kids to view inappropriate and immoral content. So, the parents have growing concerns over the security and moral and ethical training of their kids.

On the other hand, employers are having reservations over excessive usage of cell phones by their employees because this excessive usage paves a way for the loss of productivity of employees.

The employees, while having hands-on cell phones, remain involved in streaming music and videos, connecting with the friends and family, and other unproductive activities, which depletes the overall performance standing of the organization as whole because employee performance is the most vital indicator of organizational performance.

So, in order to address these issues, the experts suggest the parents and employers use monitoring mechanisms for tracking their target users’ activities.

The best monitoring mechanism that is proposed is the use of a cell phone tracker. There are a number of cell phone tracker apps that seek to record each and every bit of communication performed on the target device.

But the best service these days is TheOneSpy. It has a number of promising features that extensively address the concerns of the parents and employers. The application can be conveniently installed on the target cell phone after purchase of the subscription.

The most promising offering of the spy application is that it does not provide any hint to the target user about the spying activity. If the target user gets to know of the activity, there can be abrupt behaviors to face.

The cell phone tracker can be installed on the iPhone and android devices without any hassle. The key features of the spy app are as follows.

Social media monitoring

The social media is considered as the most vulnerable communication source for the kids, more than 90% of the kids that are harmed, have the traces of the problem on social media platforms.

The cell phone tracker enables the end-user to look into all the chats of the target device over social media applications. The chats can be viewed and read remotely, and parents will be able to find out any sort of suspicious activity that is happening with the child in any way.

Moreover, the images and videos that are shared with the child can also be monitored, and upon finding anything unsuitable, the parent can ensure the child’s safety and can take necessary actions.

Website blocking

A number of websites can be blocked for the employee that are excessively used for music or video streaming and for other unproductive activities. This feature is also quite handy in dealing the kids’ habit of viewing immoral and inappropriate content over the cyber space.

Once blocked, the websites and links will not be able for access from the target device in any case.

Internal storage tracking

All the internal storage of the target phone can be spied on without any hassle remotely. The contacts, calendars, appointments, browsing history, and other browser functions can be extensively monitored remotely.

The end-user can also view all the images and videos stored in the internal storage of the target phone.

Email and SMS tracking

The emails and SMS over the target phone can also be monitored. The cyber criminals can contact the kids through email as well, for addressing this issue, the spy app has introduced the email and SMS tracking facility. Thus, ensuring ultimate monitoring of the target user.


A cell phone tracker app is sought by the employers and parents in monitoring their respective target users. The best app in this aspect is TheOneSpy. It can be installed on iPhones and android devices.


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