We can say, without a doubt, that during the last ten years we have become technologically spoiled. We are hungry for media, new, old or upcoming. Companies are feeding us with new content and, while they take their time to create “hype”, they do not hold back when it comes to delivering. 

Back in the day, when a game was released and we wanted it as much as we do now but in order to get it you had to plan a trip to the mall, unless you had a videogame store close to your house or one of those mythical Blockbusters. But you still had to rely on your parents to take you there if you were not old enough to embark on the adventure by yourself. 

Now a days, you can get almost every game digitally and you can have access to the media the minute it is released, with companies allowing pre-downloading the games. Even release dates have been reduced comparing to twenty-years ago, which unfortunately led into “bug fests” but that’s a story for another time. 

We have so much streaming services feeding us with movies, anime and shows that we would have to live two hundred years just to watch 10% of the available material. 


The point in technological evolution in which we are now allowed to online casinos to succeed. As said before, everything is so easy to access that feels way too natural for us and we don’t have second thoughts on exchanging the brick and mortar casinos for online casinos. But behind every online casino there are millions of data exchange happening in the background, and it seems like sorcery to be playing while all these bytes are running like crazy across the brain of your phone. 


Online casinos have gone a long way since they started back in 1994. Their games have become prettier, faster, better sounding and fairer to players than ever before. They offer a wide range of games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette and free online slots

All this is achieved by a technology called Random Logic, developed by Random Logic games.Their system replicates the chance you may experience in a brick and mortar casino which accompanied with stunning visuals makes it an unmatched experience. 

Their logic algorithm gives life to their famous Random Logic Slots powering online slot machines that give joy and a sense of trust to their most devoted players. It’s worth mentioning that all these systems are summitted to be audited by eCogra, a London-based internationally approved testing agency that protect players. 


Online casinos are embracing technology as it hits the market. High-speed internet allowed adding live cameras with real human croupiers to live streaming blackjack tables. On top of that, a live chat has been enabled and multiple players are playing at the same time to create an experience a par with what you would experience in a brick casino. 

Besides, as more people are jumping into the VR wagon so do Online casinos. Some sites are offering VR capabilities to help going the extra mile when playing. All this from the comfort of your house, no need to deal with dress codes, trips or waiting lines. 


The technology that powers card based games on live casinos is very ingenious. There are invisible microchips implanted in the cards. Those chips hold the card information and identification, which is processed by a unit installed in the table. 

The processing unit in the table read the cards and transcript the information to different players to show on their screen what’s happening on the table and pick their right play. 


As obvious as it seems, online casinos go by the hand of online payment methods. Among the most renowned payment methods are accepted in online casinos such as Paypal, Play+ and wire transfers. All protected by SSL secure encryption. 

Some even take bitcoins and cryptocurrency. There are also blockchain casinos that take cryptos only. 


At the beginning of the article it was agreed that we are tech-spoiled and it’s not something bad by any means. Now knowing what happens in the back of our beloved live casino apps and sites help us appreciate all the work from developers, design artists, sound designers and security engineers that invest their lives into creating a unique experience while keeping it safe, fair and foremost fun. 

Appreciating, not only the technology itself but also the ease of access to it that we have today, help us grow as a community and as human beings, encouraging others such as artist and programmers to devote their lives work into keep spoiling us on any media possible. 


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