dermal fillers

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are essentially made from HA (Hyaluronic acid) which is cross linked with BDDE’s so that they hold their form when injected. HA is naturally made in the body and acts as the moisture content within the skin. Fibroblast cells produce HA within the dermis layer of the skin. The HA in our skin makes up one of the three main proteins in our skin: Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid. Contrary to it’s name, it has no acidic properties and is very kind and gentle, causing no harm when injected into the skin. When synthetic HA, or dermal fillers, are injected into the skin they will attract water content to the specific area create a hydrophilic rise. The amount of HA within your skin naturally differs from person to person and is generally down to your genetics. If you have a very low natural HA content naturally in your skin then dermal fillers course tend to not seem to last as long as there isn’t a good amount of HA to attract to that specific area of injection.

Where can Dermal Fillers be used?

LET’S TALK LIPS: lip filler was and still is one of the most common places to have HA fillers injected and when performed correctly can look amazing. But people often don’t realize how versatile HA fillers can actually be. Starting with the basics: jaw filler is currently extremely popular to improve the end sharpen, the jaw line. Chin filler can be used to fill in a chin dimple, soften a sharp chin or enhance a weak chin to enhance the overall face shape. Cheek filler is fantastic to create the desired S curve and making an older client look more youthful. Cheeks, chin and jaw filler is injected at the bone and can also be administered with a canula. However using a canula is an advanced technique and you should be fully trained before using one. Another extremely popular area for HA filler currently is the nose. Many people are unhappy with their nose shape and size and would not consider drastic surgery to correct it. HA filler can be used very safely and quickly with little to no down time to reshape and contour the nose, often making it appears smaller. As we age, the fat pads in our face start to degrade and our face starts to hollow making us look older. HA filler can be used to fill out the areas of lost fat to create a more youthful look. This includes: naso labial folds, jowls, tear trough and temples to name a few.

Who can have Dermal Fillers:

HA dermal fillers are for everyone and anyone over the age of 18. They can be used in the most subtle or distinctive ways in numerous areas for different reasons. HA fillers are so versatile and have quite literally changed people’s lives in such a positive way. HA fillers are an extremely safe product as they are an exact replica of a substance that I already made naturally in the body. Of course with any inject able treatment there are risks but if you are trained correctly in complications, how to recognise an issue and what to do should one occur, then you will be as safe as you can to perform HA fillers.

What is the aftercare and maintenance?

Some basic aftercare:

  • You may feel tingling or numbness after the treatment if numbing cream is used
  • You may experience bruising, swelling, redness, soreness and heat in the area
  • This all subsides within 48-72 hours
  • Mild swelling can last for up to 2 weeks
  • Bruising can last up to 6 weeks in some rare cases but is perfectly normal and safe
  • Avoid UV light exposure for 48hrs
  • Avoid heat treatments for 48hrs
  • Keep area cool is needed (DO NOT USE ICE)
  • Avoid unnecessary pressure in the area
  • Do not touch for 6 hours
  • Keep clean and dry for 24hrs

Maintenance various between clients, mainly due t personal preference but you would be looking to have repeat treatments every 6-12 months. You can have top ups as little as 2 weeks apart on the same area if you are using the same brand of HA filler.

So its really not as scary as you might think and may practitioners have gone onto to learn many advanced areas and have improves the faces of so many both young and old. Start your filler career today at eclipse-beauty


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