Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

We have tips on making the engagement ring to appear larger-without spending a fortune on a large centre stone if you desire a subtle engagement ring. 

In our eight tips, we will discuss initial choices for making a new wedding ring in Melbourne look more substantial and how to make an existing engagement ring appear more significant.  

1. Prioritise cut 

You should not overlook the cut grade of your engagement ring in Melbourne if you want your diamond to appear as large as possible. A diamond’s size is determined by its carat weight and several other factors, such as the cut. 

A diamond must also have a very good or excellent cut grade to achieve extraordinary brilliance. 

The carat weight of a diamond makes it appear larger, but a poor cut grade can make it appear smaller.

2. Make a wise choice when choosing your diamond shape

Diamonds can also be cut into various shapes, including rounds, princesses, and ovals. However, each shape has a different distribution of mass. For example, there are some diamond shapes with more mass on the table (top), making them appear larger pe-carat. 

There are four types of diamonds: marquise, pear, oval, and emerald. Oval diamonds are an excellent choice if you want a classic look while maximising the size of your centre stone. 

While oval diamonds appear larger per carat, they retain the same traditional look as round diamonds. The question that has been asked is, what are the latest styles and trends in wedding rings available today? Well, several varieties of wedding rings are on the market. 

3. Diamonds with specific shapes should be avoided

You might want to avoid Asscher cuts and princess diamonds if you wish for the largest-looking diamond you can afford. This is because Asscher cuts hide much of their weight below the table. 

Avoid round diamonds if you want a larger-looking diamond. Compared to marquise, pear, oval, or emerald diamonds, a round diamond looks smaller per carat.

Due to more waste produced during round diamond cutting, round diamonds are the most expensive. The Diamond Guys offer the best wedding rings in Melbourne.

4. Go for lower colour and clarity

You can maximise your centre stone budget by lowering colour and clarity grades. As a result, you can spend less on a diamond with a higher carat weight and excellent cut. 

5. With a halo, shine bright

The halo setting is an excellent option for engagement rings in Melbourne that you want to appear glamorous and large. Smaller diamond accents surround the centre stone. 

The brilliant halo effect makes the centre diamond appear much more prominent, and the diamonds in a halo setting further enhance the effect.

A halo setting adds drama and impact when upgrading your engagement ring.

You can upgrade your existing centre diamond for a fraction of the cost using a halo ring. Find out what’s trending at The Diamond Guys and what’s new.

6. Choose a slim setting

You can also make your centre diamond look larger by choosing a setting with a slim band and slim prongs. When you use a setting with a slim band and slim prongs, your centre diamond will appear larger. 

Your diamond will appear smaller if you choose a band with bulky prongs. Instead, choose a slim, delicate setting if you want your diamond to appear as large as possible. 

Similarly to our last tip, this trick can be applied to existing and new engagement rings in Melbourne. A slim setting can make your diamond appear much more significant if your current engagement ring has a large, bulky setting that overpowers it.

7. Set the brightness to bright white

White metals, like platinum and white gold, look more prominent because they reflect your engagement ring like a mirror since rhodium perfectly reflects white gold. 

18k white gold is more reflective than platinum and less expensive, so you can spend more of your budget on a more significant diamond centre. In terms of wedding rings, what are the latest trends and styles available?

8. Make sure your ring is clean

Keep your engagement ring clean to make it appear as large as possible. Sparkly engagement rings will make your Wedding rings in Melbourne appear larger than it is.

Your engagement ring will last longer if you keep it clean. Oil and dirt collect on diamonds and precious metals, dulling their sparkle over time. 

We recommend cleaning The Diamond Guys’  engagement ring in Melbourne every six months. You can clean your ring at home with warm water, dish soap, and a soft toothbrush in between professional cleanings.


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