Coupon Types

A million online stores today sell the exact thing you sell or something similar. Hence, shoppers have options to buy from you or others, but that should not be a barrier to making sales as there are a million and one methods you can use to attract shoppers to your store and get their loyal patronage. Let’s discuss the coupon strategy of your eCommerce store.

One of the major attractions stores use to get patronage today is coupons/discount offers, as shoppers certainly love them. A popular coupon website and other similar platforms are a shopper’s first love as they are always flocked with shoppers trying to make the most of the discount codes they can get. If your store is not offering coupons to clients yet, that should be changed now, and this piece reveals seven popular coupon options you should also consider.

  1. Abandoned Cart Coupons

It is no news that most people just keep items in the cart and wait for a miracle to happen as they probably do not have enough money to get those items. However, you can effectively remind people about their abandoned carts and even encourage them to finally make their purchases by giving them discounts on abandoned carts. 

  1. Newsletter Subscription Offer

If you are conversant with the marketing and advertisement part of your business, then you know that email marketing is one of the most effective methods of getting information about your brand to your targetted audience. However, getting the email addresses of these people can be a hassle, but not if you offer a reward for that information

  1. Free Shipping Coupons

Many people with abandoned carts procrastinate making their orders because they are unwilling to pay the shipping fees, especially if what they want to buy does not cost too much. A good way to motivate them to make their purchases would be to offer free shipping or discounts on shipping costs. 

  1. Automatic Coupons (Auto Applied)

This is one of the best ways to retain customers. People often forget to use their coupon codes after making their purchase, which can be a downer. However, what if they did not have to worry about forgetting their codes when shopping with you or having expired codes? They know that they will certainly get a discount as long as they meet certain requirements, which will drive them back to you whenever they need a product you have. 

  1. Referral Promo Codes

You can paint your business the best way possible and tell them you will offer your services for free. However, convincing them to bank on you might take a while. In comparison, a word from a known person can get them to pick up their phones and make an immediate purchase. Knowing this is effective, you should leverage this to your advantage by giving nice offers to clients who bring in more patronage. 

  1. Exit Intent Offer

Getting a client to make up their mind about patronizing you might be quite simple or the toughest thing to do. However, with this exit intent offer, you may be lucky enough to win a customer over at the very last minute. When the visitor tries to leave your store without making any conclusions, this exit intent offer gives the person a final offer which may convince them to take a risk on you.


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