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According to Google findings, people search for “conversion rate optimization” more than any other term. Companies are spending more than $2,000 monthly on CRO tools. The average ROI for using the CRO tools is shown to be 223%. However, businesses are still finding it hard to use segmentation or A/B testing for the CRO. 

Therefore, online businesses can take the services of wix seo services to create customized strategies for helping businesses grow and use the best CRO tools to collect users’ data. These tools will help identify the leads’ needs and make all changes to increase conversions through websites. 

Let us quickly read about the significant CRO tools that will help your business convert leads.

5 Best CRO Tools Used By CRO Agency Norwich:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, by all means, is an undisputed tool that helps marketers carry out full web analysis. The tool is free for the basic version, but you can explore its premium version by paying for the Google Analytics 360 tool. You can use this tool to discover the poor performance of the contents and optimize it to increase the rate of conversions.


It is a landing page builder and cloud-based conversion tracking solution that helps digital marketers test their website pop-ups and landing pages. This tool offers customized templates, a drag and drop editor, a performance tracker, and page building. The CRO tool used by the CRO Agency Norwich uses the popular content management platform WordPress to add or customize the landing pages elements to help the business leads convert seamlessly.

Crazy Egg

The tool offers a 30 days free trial to businesses and marketers. It helps businesses learn about the behavioral analytics of the users by using heat maps. This CRO tool lets the marketers perform the A/B test on the landing pages to seek the rate of conversion. The heat maps used in the Crazy Egg tool support the fast website conversions, as organizations can mould the page elements according to the requirements of the leads/visitors. You can use its basic package to increase your views to 1000 page views every day.


This CRO tool helps you identify the cold and hot spots on the website that will help the marketers acknowledge the most clicked sections of the web pages. The basic plan is free, and the plus plan for this tool starts at $29 per month. The tool helps marketers understand the requirements of web and mobile site users. Even color-coding helps businesses understand the most frequent part of the website.


The CRO tool lets businesses improve the UX and UI of the website and the apps. It is one of the best tools for user testing and conversion of leads. The need for guesswork gets eliminated, and the real-time users take decisions. It will cost $50 for one test upgrade and $100 for the regular testing.

Wrapping Up

The CRO Agency Norwich helps the businesses to target and convert the leads by focusing on their behavior. The experts at Pearl Lemon make the landing pages personalized. They help businesses understand the whole concept of CRO seamlessly.


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