Emailing Strategies

Marketing is a great way to enhance your brand image and spread awareness about your business while boosting sales. But there are many marketing channels such as online, social media, video ads, commercials, banners, and a few others. But did you know that email marketing is still one of the top-rated marketing channels? It is still one of the go-to choices for start-ups and established brands worldwide. Despite the newer channels gaining huge popularity, the usage of this rather old channel has continued with no signs of stopping.

The dominance of bulk emailing and email automation is one of the best ways to spread the word about products and services. But what many of us miss out on in the current times is the right strategy for execution that will yield the best return on investment when it comes to bulk emailing. So let’s look into a few best strategies for bulk emailing that you can utilize to get an edge for your marketing plan.

Verify and clean up your mailing list

When you create an email marketing list, there are chances that many email addresses are outdated, spam, or straight-up non-existent. Not only do such addresses bring you disappointment by ruining your campaign analytics, but they also increase your bounce rate, which can severely impact your efforts as the emails fail to deliver. There are many ways to identify such email addresses, including nifty software. You can employ such tools to clear up your mailing address lists and find alternates for those that are incorrect. Once your lists are clear, you need to make sure that you keep updating the emails from time to time.

Content is key. Plan it

Content is the purpose of any email and can drastically reduce the chances of success if not managed correctly. Instead of using a formatted template, you have a better personalization option. Custom subject lines have more chances of getting the email opened and can help generate enhanced ROI percentages. And then there is the issue of spam text. There are various words that a marketing email may have which can be filtered out and get the email marked as spam. You should ensure to omit or remove such words to avoid getting your emails marked as spam.

Use email automation software.

Sending out a large number of emails and managing bulk emails manually can be quite a task. But you can make your work easier and quicker by using email automation software. Such software makes handling mass emailing a breeze by automating almost all aspects of such campaigns. All you need to do is define parameters, add your email address data, and mail copies, and you are good to go.

Ensure all components of the mail are present

Various components of a mail are crucial in defining its success. Many of these are not exactly crucial or required to complete the mail technically, but their presence ensures a more complete and better-formatted email copy. For example, you should ensure that your copy has a well-defined subject line, structured email body, a clear Call-To-Action, a descriptive design creative, and one or two links to websites. You can also consider various ways to improve response rates for your campaigns.

Manage the frequency and analyze results

Frequency is another important factor that, if not managed right, can land your sending address marked as a spam mailer. You should send out emails regularly but at predefined times and intervals. Another issue is that emails being sent out too often can also irritate the receivers, and they may choose to disengage by unsubscribing or mark your emails as spam.

All marketing efforts are data-driven initiatives, and data becomes the only aspect of managing, tracking, and controlling any email campaign’s success or outcome. This is why it is crucial to track and monitor various data sets and analytics of any campaign to understand what went right or what are areas of improvement. For example, when working on any bulk email campaign, you should identify and go through all key metrics such as click rate, bounce rate, response rate, percentage of emails that landed in the spam folder, and open rate.


All the above-listed strategies to manage your bulk email campaigns will go a long way in helping you achieve better results. These strategies help ensure minimal wastage and maximize your bulk emailing ROI by enhancing various factors and aspects, giving your business an edge over the competition.


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