Eau De Parfum

Did you know that Eau De Parfum can go bad? A lot of people do not realise that perfume can expire. Indeed, the ingredients can be fragile and this means that after a certain amount of time, they can oxidise and go bad. In other words, you can end up with a yellow-coloured or dark perfume, as well as a sour scent. This is the last thing you want especially when you have spent a lot of money on a designer Eau De Parfum.

But, the good news is, there are some ways that you can stop this from happening. Namely, the way you store your perfumes at home can make sure that they enjoy a long life. While you cannot keep perfumes forever, taking care of them is going to ensure the top notes do not fade and the base notes do not oxidise before they should. Indeed, you are going to be able to get your money’s worth. So, here are four tips for storing perfume.

Keep in a Cool and Dry Place

Where do you keep your perfume? A lot of women are going to have them on their vanity table so that the beautiful bottles are out on display. But, are they in direct sunlight? This is something that you do not want since it can heat up the perfume. In addition, another bad place to keep perfume is in the bathroom. There is going to be humidity in here, which is not going to work well for a lot of ingredients.

Ultimately, you want to keep perfume out of sunlight and somewhere cool and dry. It is best to keep the original box. You can store the perfume in this box and then put it away in a dark and cool cupboard. After all, imagine you have bought Armani Diamonds. This is an amazing perfume that you want to last. Keeping it in the original box and in a dark place is going to help prolong the life of the perfume. You want to choose somewhere that is cool and dry and where the temperature does not fluctuate too much.

Avoid Hard-to-Reach Spots

Remember that a lot of perfumes are delicate and the ingredients are fragile. The last thing you want to do is be shaking the bottle around all the time. So, make sure that wherever you store your perfume, it is somewhere accessible and easy to reach. For example, if it is above your head, you are going to shake the liquid around. This can mess with the fragile ingredients that are sensitive. 

Thus, it is better to keep perfumes somewhere that is going to avoid excess movement. For instance, this could be a low cabinet or the inside of a wardrobe that does not involve you having to stretch and shake the bottle. This way, you can help to protect the ingredients that are volatile.

Store in the Original Bottle

Do you have a beautiful perfume bottle that you want to continue using? You may be tempted to decant some of your new perfume into this bottle that you love. But, we can advise that this is a bad idea. Yes, it might be a fantastic bottle and very stylish, but it may mean that your perfume expires before you should. The reason for this is, the movement can affect fragile ingredients and decanting the liquid can contribute to oxidisation. It is best to keep the perfume in its original bottle and ensure the lid is closed when it is not being used.

How will you know if your perfume has expired there are going to be a few signs that you should look out for. First of all, it can have a sour scent or something smells off.  If oxygen has been allowed in, the perfume itself can be a yellow or dark colour too. 

Keep It Sealed Until Use

If you are not going to start using an Eau De Parfum straight away, avoid opening it. You want to keep the bottle sealed for as long as possible to preserve the notes. Opening it unnecessarily is going to unsettle them and it will start the expiration clock. So, store the perfume until you are going to use it if you want to prolong its life.

Again, when you are storing new perfume, keep it in the box and store it somewhere dark and dry. This way, when you go to open it later on, it has not been moving around too much and the ingredients will not have been messed with.


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