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Desc: If your boyfriend is taking you on a football game date that doesn?t interest you but you still want to go, there are some rules you must take care of.


Rules For Watching a Football Game with Guys
In England, football is worshipped. So if you are planning to go on a football game date with your boyfriend or guy friend, there are some rules women must adhere to. He might buy the tickets for you or choose the perfect spot to enjoy the game despite a large crowd; there are some things you must know. If you are not a big fan of football and are just going to watch it just like that, try to avoid bothering him and do your homework properly. Here are some rules for watching a football game with guys.

Just Don?t Wear a Pink Jersey
Unless you?re a true fan, a jersey isn?t necessary. If you wish to wear a player?s jersey just to impress your boyfriend, knowing a lot about that player is really a big deal. Shirts with team colours and logos are fine, just don?t put your name on it and avoid wearing pink versions of it.

Do Your Homework
Before you head to the stadium, take your time to know who is playing, the goalkeepers for each team, and records of each team, especially if there is any big news or stories about any players from each team. This isn?t hard, really! You just have to visit any sports blog or news platform. Make sure you do it before the game.

Be Attentive
While you are watching the game, you must know who has the ball, what is the score, what quarter it is, etc. if you are unaware, you can find most of this information somewhere on the screen all the time during the game.

Ask Questions, But Only During Commercials
It?s okay and totally normal for some people if they don?t understand the rules of the games and why the penalty was called, ask questions during the commercial break. Try not to nag your guy every now and then, so by the 4th quarter, you will have a good idea of what is happening and he will feel like he has taught you something valuable.

Respect the Sport? And His Feelings
Guys are literally emotionally attached to sports, so your criticism can get him in his rowdy mode that he may only show in front of his guy friends. This why doing your homework is important. The rules are in place for a reason and it is vital to be open for learning new things, and being dismissive is a total turn-off.

These are just a few things to take care of when going on a game date your guy. And if you are a guy looking for some easy and cheap ways to get the tickets, turn to QuidCode for awesome sports discount deals you and your girls will enjoy.

Sports & Outdoors Discount Codes, Voucher Codes and Deals

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