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Desc: Books give nutrition to the soul, allowing to experience something without leaving where you are. Here are 4 of the best novels of all time you must read.

Top Novels of All Time You Must Read
Books are meant to nourish our minds, giving an opportunity to live a lifetime and travel the wonders of the world without leaving where you are. It allows us to be in someone else?s shoes and see the world from their eyes. Books teach us something beyond love, friendship, heartbreak, social injustice, war, and human resilience. Here a few of the best novels of all time you must give a read.

The Shepherd?s Hut by Tim Winton
The Shepherd?s Hut revisits some themes of Tim Winton?s brilliant novel The Riders, which was about a journey with a hypothetically perilous ending. Jaxie Clackton, a deeply hurt and damaged teenager, flees the house of his dead parent?s in Australia to finally reunite with the person in the world with whom he can be himself.

The boy Jaxie is a foul-mouthed fugitive, but also extremely coherent and crafty. When Jaxie meets Fintan MacGillis, who is a mysterious person rambling outcast Irishman who lives in an old shepherd?s hut, he develops a cautious yet strange friendship. However, this book is not for animal lovers, as you?ll find lots of eating of innocent kangaroos and goats.

The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock by Imogen Hermes Gowar
The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock is an astounding debut by Imogen Hermes Gowar that delivers a wonderful thriller through Georgian London, featuring a merchant?s unexpected rise through society when he has been gifted a strange creature from the sea and decides to show it publically.

The merchant then meets a sex worker Angelica who lives dangerously and is finding a way out. This novel is rich in the authentic detail of the life of 18th century and every page keeps the reader excited and amused. Though it may be a 400-page long read, yet one can feel the essence of the plot.

The Missing Girl by Jenny Quintana
If you love racing through a pacey thriller, this Jenny Quintana?s debut is a must-read. The plot features Gabriella who disappeared 30 years ago. Her sister Anna, now a middle-aged woman, comes back to her hometown for her mother?s funeral. Mysterious neighbours and waves of memories come and go, but Anna begins to feel the absence of her teenage sister.

A richly created 1990s setting, Jenny plays well to flip between the past and the lonely, wine-swilling present-day Anna. This piece of writing is crisp, and her page-turning effect with keeping you storming your mind until near the end. The novel is not simply a story for a long lost sister, but it completes with an attractive male character who happens to have just moved to the village.

Hotel Silence by Au?ur Ava ?lafsd?ttir
Hotel Silence proves that bizarre, black humour can be a good thing. Jonas, a middle-aged man, has a daughter who isn?t his and who has a mother with dementia. He decides to die in Hotel Silence in a war-torn country.

He figures out that he is good at making friends and DIY, and maybe his life has some positivity he must save.


Among innumerable bestsellers, these novels have made their own place. If you want to buy novels on a lower price, check out QuidCode?s best discount codes for books.

Books Discount Codes, Voucher Codes and Deals

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