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It can be painstaking to plan everything for the hospital when you are a pregnant mom. Here are 6 basic things you should pack in your hospital bag.

Things You Need Before Your Baby?s Arrival

There is no lack of suggestions for new parents about what, how much, and when to buy. Although there are simply a few outright necessities, you can buy many other baby items according to your personal preferences. Here are just the bare necessities you?ll need to have for your baby.

1. Crib
Unless you are planning to have a family bed, you will need to plan where your baby is going to sleep. A 3-sided crib or bassinet cradle can be a good option for the initial months. Cribs mostly don?t come with mattresses, so you will need to buy a fire-retardant mattress.

2. Linens
You will need a waterproof mattress pad and crib sheets for your baby?s crib. The waterproof mattress pad will fit on top of the fitted sheet. You will also need lightweight blankets, at least two crib sheets, and one quilted mattress pad. Babies don?t need pillows, fluffy comforters, or crib bumpers as they can increase the risk of suffocation. There are many baby bedding items available in the market. If you want to shop for 6 months or a year at once that doesn?t wreak havoc your budget, consider using some good baby discount offers in the UK as they can help you save some money on one item and use it on something else. This way, you can buy more things in the same amount of money.

3. Diapers
Whether you opt for disposable or cloth, plan on 80 to 90 diapers a week in the beginning and about 50 after 6 weeks. You?ll also need a changing pad for the baby, baby wipes, and soft washcloths, and diaper rash cream or ointment.

4. Clothing
Begin with at least six onesies, three to four infant gowns, a few receiving blankets that can easily swaddle your baby, cap, sweater, and several pairs of booties or socks. Some people even prefer buying sleepers that zip up the front.

5. Bathing Essential
You?ll need to buy a baby tub with a sponge insert or those that have a foam pad on the slope inside, some washcloths and terrycloth towels, tearless shampoo, baby soap, comb, brush, and baby nail clippers. You don?t have to spend lots of money on bathing items as well. Simply choose one of the best baby discount codes or opt for a sale to save some cash. Just make sure to double check the expiration of the products.

6. Feeding Necessities
You are going to need some bibs and burp cloths. Whether you choose to breastfeed your baby, you?ll still need bottles, nipples, and a breast pump to bottle your milk for the baby. A soft-bristled bottle brush with a dishwasher basket can be of great use for cleaning purpose. If you are not breastfeeding, buy a proper measuring cup for the formula.


These are the most important things you should buy at the very beginning of your shopping journey. When your delivery date is near, like a week or two ahead, keep these items ready in your hospital bag to avoid inconvenience and panic. Make sure to keep up with QuidCode for amazing baby discount deals. You can also add and subtract items according to your personal preference, but these are just the bare necessities.

Baby Discount Codes, Voucher Codes and Deals

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