Vaping evolves every day courtesy of new advanced devices and vape juices. Currently, you can enjoy using the XPOD, a new vape pod that uses SNAPS magnetic atomization technology and is sold by ePuffer, for enhanced user experience. So, if you are planning to start vaping or switch from smoking, this is your best option.

According to experts from ePuffer, one of the sellers of the XPOD vaping pod, this advanced device offers many reasons to choose it. The ePuffer XPOD has started to gain significant popularity in the market, and we will discuss it in detail.

What Makes the XPOD Unique?

Compared to other vape pods, the XPOD from ePuffer has already made a reputation in the vaping sector. Here are the reasons why it is becoming popular quickly.

·       The design – The XPOD has a unique design and is colorful for anytime use. People who love style enjoy using a device in their favorite colors such as pearl white, violet, or carbon navy. The designer also selected an all-in-one operation to keep the design minimalistic for portability.

·       Functionality – Apart from the great design, the xpod from ePuffer comes loaded with tech and features that will blow your mind. It has rechargeable batteries that you do not have to remove. Just plug it into the Type-C cable charger, and it will take about 40 minutes to fully charge. It also has an organic wick, and the overall draw experience is excellent.

·       Great price – Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the XPOD is a great value for your money. The price, which is about $30, is very competitive compared to other devices with the same features. Hence, this device is great for newbies; after all, a starter kit is offered.

What Is in the XPOD Starter Kit?

Upon ordering this device from ePuffer, the starter kit will come with the following items.

·       1 XPOD device

·       3 refillable cartridges

·       1 rechargeable battery

·       1 Type-C charging cable

·       1 user manual

The ePuffer XPOD Review

Before buying this vaping device, it is prudent to look at the ePuffer XPOD review. Fortunately, the information is all over. You might want to look at what previous customers are saying about the device or how professional reviewers rate the device.

Most previous customers praise this XPOD for having smooth draws, the ability to refill the cartridges and recharge with a Type-C cable, and portability. In addition to beginners, it is particularly popular among travelers. Impressively, many customers say that they would buy another XPOD and have recommended it to their friends.

Professional reviewers always rate the device highly because of its reliability and great value for the money. It is packed with advanced technology such as SNAPS magnetic atomization, which is a big plus.


Finally, the vape pod is a great deal for people who want to enjoy vaping on a tight budget. The ePuffer website will tell you more about this XPOD including how you can ship yours to your destination.


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