step and repeat banner

You have surely come across banners with repeating logos at the back where celebrities pose for pictures; it is a powerful mode of advertising brands. The step and repeat banner has been trending for a long time and fast gained popularity for business to showcase their brands. You will find these banners everywhere from social media to the news sites. 

How are step and repeat banner effective as promotional modes?

  • Budget-friendly banners

One size does not fit all when it comes to choosing techniques of business promotion. Fortunately, the step and repeat banners are available in a wide range of sizes to fit the budget of an organization. A small step and repeat banner acts as a great option if its costs less. If the backdrop is wide, it allows more people to fit into the bill and creates a good impression. 

  • Choosing the size

 When it comes to choosing the size of the banner, figure out how many people do you need to pose for a picture?  If you have more guests attending the event, the size of the banner should be appropriate as too many people posing for the photograph can camouflage the brands. On the other hand, a small event requires the banner to be small. 

  • Bringing perfection to the background

When choosing the materials for step and repeat banners, you need to avoid getting anything glossy as it can produce glares obstructing the camera shots. Adding a grayish hint to the background of the banner makes it appear white but minimizes the glare. 

Design of the banner

Usually, the step ad repeat banners create opportunities for good clicks. Moreover, the constant step and repeat pattern makes the event attention-grabbing and allows organizations to highlight their brands on the platform of an event. Here is what you need to know.

  • Every event needs to look professional with the theme and the matching colors. When choosing the shades of the banner, you need to coordinate them with the theme colors of the event.
  • Think about the logos you need to include in the step and repeat pattern. 
  • In most of the cases, about two to four logos look fine, although many people try to push the brands with five to six logos. 
  • You must always avoid making the banner cluttered with logos.
  • Ensure that the viewers notice your logo instead of just noticing the logos of the sponsors.
  • When it comes to spacing the logos, you need to keep in mind not to place the logos too close to each other. 
  • On the other hand, leaving too much of blank space is not good as well, so hiring a professional banner maker is a good idea.
  • The logos you include in the banner must not appear hazy as it can make the event unprofessional. 
  • Using high-resolution logos can help you create a graphic or nay size without nay distortion.

When choosing the size of the logos, you need to keep in mind that what appears small on the computer screen looks bigger on the printed banner. Keeping the logo crisp and clear can help in showcasing the brand perfectly. 


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