At this point, you’ll need to look at the tartan’s weight. After locating your name on our Master Tartan List, you’ll notice that some tartans can be purchased in different weights. The cost of your tartan can vary based on the weight that you choose. You’ll also find that some weights are better suited to specific styles of kilt. How can you choose the right weight for your kilt? Below, you’ll be able to find out what these weights mean and which weights are best for certain kilt styles. Having this information can help you find the best tartan weight for your needs. 


These tartans weigh between 10 and 11 oz. They are typically between 58 and 68 inches wide. It isn’t our first choice for kilts, but it’s possible to make an excellent kilt that’s also lightweight. These tartans are typically woven in double width. These tartans are exclusively woven in Scotland, and they are made entirely from premium wool. It’s an excellent option for people that live in hotter areas. Kilts that have more fabric, like great and formal kilts, pair nicely will lightweight tartan. Opting for this tartan can keep your kilt from being overly heavy or hot. A medium weight kilt may hang in a more flattering way, but you can still get a looser look or a crisp pleat with a lightweight kilt. This weight is an option for the 5 and 9 yard kilts, the phillabeg, and the ancient and great kilts. 

Medium Weight:

This tartan weighs between 12 and 13 oz. It can be woven in single or double width. If you select a medium weight tartan, your kilt may have to be seamed together if you want to have a great kilt made. While you may want to avoid this, it’s important to keep in mind is that this is how these kilts were traditionally made. It’s our top recommendation for every type of kilt because this fabric is both resilient and durable. It provides the comfort of a lightweight kilt and the durability and flattering fit of a heavier kilt. As long as you check to see whether you’re purchasing a single or double width kilt, you shouldn’t have a problem. You should also keep in mind that your tartan will have a more authentic look if you opt for a heavier weight. This fabric is woven using 100% premium wool from Scotland. It’s available for 5 and 9 yard kilts, the phillabeg, and the ancient and great kilts. 

Heavy Weight:

This tartan weighs between 15 and 16 oz. It is available in both single and double width. This is the tartan most commonly used by members of pipe bands. Because it’s so durable, it’s also an excellent option for anyone that plans on wearing their kilt regularly. However, because it’s less breathable, it may not be the best choice for those in hotter climates. If you want a kilt with a more authentic look, you’ll find that a heavyweight tartan is your best option. It’s similar to the types of fabrics used for kilts in the past. With that said, this option may not be best for anyone that is new to wearing kilts. It’s also less than ideal for great kilts unless you’ve been wearing this style of kilt for many years. The heavy weight fabric is made from 100% premium quality wool that is made in Scotland. It’s available for the 5 and 9 yard kilts, the phillabeg, and the ancient and great kilts

Homespun Tartan:

This tartan weights between 10 and 11 oz. It’s hand-woven on traditional style looms, but is made from a polyester/wool blend. It has a very authentic appearance and looks similar to the kilts that were worn throughout history. Even though it has worsted yarn, it’s spun more loosely than tartans woven by machine. The cloth also has a looser weave. Since it’s woven by hand, the tartan is likely to have minor flaws. This can help to give it more character. It’s a particularly good option for reenactment kilts. However, it’s suitable for more modern kilts as well! Even though this type of tartan has a more authentic look, it can work with kilts in many different styles.

Of course tartan can be great for many other fashion items other than kilts. A Harris tweed purse is a great way to add a classic feel to any outfit.


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