Casinos have been around for many years and the social demographic that they attract has been quite mixed. However, a criticism of land-based casinos is that they do not have a wide enough appeal and this could be down to the marketing of these venues. Most land-based casinos would rather have high rollers stroll through their doors on a daily basis and this is often reflected in the overall look of the place and the feel of the advertising that tries to bring customers in – Chilli Heat Slot.

Furthermore, more evidence of what kind of demographic an establishment is trying to attract, can be reflected in the games available and the minimum and maximum staking levels. 

The Digital Revolution 

In 1996 the development of digital technology introduced the globe to a new era that had few limits to how it could continue to progress. This was because of the huge potential digital technology brought with it. Many industries including the entertainment industry felt the positive force of the changes that came with the digital revolution. Entertainment was vastly improved, especially when it came to gaming and cinema visuals. 

Gambling and Digital Technology 

The digital revolution gave birth to the internet and this in turn gave birth to the phenomena of online gambling. However, online gambling was only made possible due to the gambling industry being willing to move with the times and embrace the newly developed technology and use it to the industries’ full advantage. Developing the first online casino software helped achieve this.  What this did was help bring gambling brands and games straight into the homes of punters. This offered 24/7 gambling that was easy to access and open to anyone and everyone who were ether experienced or first time gamblers. Traditional table games were first on the menu, but video slots quickly followed and then took over. 

Mass Appeal 

Traditionally, gambling was seen as a male dominated pastime and in particular, a hobby that appealed to mostly young men. This was the main demographic that frequented betting shops, arcades and land-based casinos. What the advent of online gambling managed to do was to appeal to a much wider audience. This tore up the rules because online gambling had mass appeal across society. Slots obviously had a lot to do with this, but so did the fact that punters were in control of their gambling environment. This appealed to females who found the usual gambling venues intimidating to enter. 

Now we have an online gambling environment that is still mostly male dominated but as of last year, 39 % of slots players were actually females and the UK Gambling Commission is expecting this figure to continue to rise on a daily basis. Young tech savvy people make up most of the gambling population and they are also the biggest consumers of mobile gambling platforms. Mobile gambling has been a major reason why so many women gamble and the convenience it offers has appealed to this demographic hugely.


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